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    I nid help.....I have a txtbox that can only accept numbers and the decimal point.The question is what is the keycod in the keybd and in the keynumpad of ".". Pls help.....
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    I have this code if(bool.Parse(this.txtEmail.Text = ""))but theres an error: String was not recognized as a valid BooleanWhat should I do?
  3. wazzud! Dude can anyone teach me how to populate bmonth and bday in a dropdown list? I'm going to use it in a Ajax Code
  4. This is the code that i want to add the alternate text.<asp:LinkButton ID="lnkbRelatedJob" Runat="server" CommandArgument='<%# Container.DataItem("job_title")%>'> <%# Container.DataItem("job_title")%></asp:LinkButton>
  5. Yah. I already done it in the imagebutton and <a href=""><img at="text"></a>Can you help me?
  6. Ei, I want to ask if possible to add alternate text in the link button? How? Thnx.
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    Invalid Input

    Good Day!Hi guys;Can anyone knows how o validate input using append?I,m using a static (required field validator) and code like this (see below) but my project manager does'nt want it Private Function IsValidInput() As Boolean _errormessage = "" If txtBilFName.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage = " - Please enter your firstname[billing]<br>" End If If txtBilLName.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter your lastname[billing]<br>" End If If txtBilStreet.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter street[billing]<br>" End If If txtBilCity.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter city[billing]<br>" End If If ddlBilState.SelectedValue.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please select state[billing]<br>" End If If txtBilZipcode.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter zipcode[billing]<br>" End If If txtBilPhone.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter phone[billing]<br>" End If If Not Session.Item("Email") Is Nothing Then If txtEmail.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter email<br>" End If If Not Validators.IsEmailValid(txtEmail.Text.Trim) Then _errormessage &= " - Invalid email format<br>" End If If Validators.IsEmailExist(txtEmail.Text.Trim) Then _errormessage &= " - Email already exist<br>" End If If txtPassword1.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter password<br>" End If If txtPassword1.Text.Trim.Length < 6 Then _errormessage &= " - Password must be at least 6 characters<br>" End If If Not txtPassword1.Text.Equals(txtPassword2.Text) Then _errormessage &= " - Password not matched " End If End If If radShipDifAddr.Checked Then If txtShpFName.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter your firstname[shipping]<br>" End If If txtShpLName.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter your lastname[shipping]<br>" End If If txtShpStreet.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter street[shipping]<br>" End If If txtShpCity.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter city[shipping]<br>" End If If ddlShpState.SelectedValue.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please select state[shipping]<br>" End If If txtShpZipcode.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter zipcode[shipping]<br>" End If If txtShpPhone.Text.Trim.Length = 0 Then _errormessage &= " - Please enter phone[shipping]<br>" End If End If If _errormessage <> "" Then Return False Else Return True End If End Function Is there anyone have an idea. Only server side validation is acceptable. Please help....
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    what is the difference betweenx.disposeandx.close
  9. what is the difference of the 3 response.redirect?response.redirect("sample.aspx", true)response.redirect("sample.aspx")response.redirect("sample.aspx", false)
  10. I recomend a verdana font family
  11. Frontpage?I dnt recomend using dreamweaver for the first timer, i recommend to use notepad. But when you know how to code in notepad you can now use the Dreamweaver. you can now upgarde your knowledge in notepad
  12. I got a 483.9 in bloody penguin, but here i got only 318.9
  13. I think i can help u on the 3rd, 4rth and 5th.Firts create a stored procedure in adding a members, then create a function that will call the stored procedure. Is that correct?
  14. try this one. Private Function rdoShipToBillingAddress_CheckedChanged(ByRef state As String, _ ByRef statevalue As String) As String If rdoShipToBillingAddress.Checked = True Then txtShipFname.Text = txtBillFname.Text txtShipLname.Text = txtBillLname.Text txtShipStreet.Text = txtBillStreet.Text txtShipCity.Text = txtBillCity.Text txtShipPhone.Text = txtBillPhone.Text txtShipMobile.Text = txtBillMobile.Text txtShipFax.Text = txtBillFax.Text state = ddlBillState.SelectedItem.Text statevalue = ddlBillState.SelectedValue txShipZipcode.Text = txtBillZipcode.Text ddlShipCountry.SelectedValue = ddlBillCountry.SelectedValue Else state = Me.ddlShipState.SelectedItem.Text statevalue = Me.ddlShipState.SelectedValue End If End Function
  15. Response.Redirect("name_of_the_window", false)
  16. Thanks for the info. but there a slight problem i only need to kill some session. Not all of the session.
  17. good day! Is there anyone out there know how to kill the session? help me pls.Thanks
  18. I have a problem like you do. Please help us.
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