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  1. thanks F-Manproblem solvedsorry for my poor html grammar
  2. thanks F-Manyou set a good base for my further questionmy problem is, even i set the img like this: img { margin: 0 0px;} there is still a little space between (two) imgspls advisethanks
  3. hello all i m not new to w3schools but i m new to this forumas the attribute hspace of img tag is deprecated, styles is suggested to use instead.http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_img.aspi tried the following values in my style sheet for img but none of them can act like the effect of hspace:margin; word-spacing; white-space; padding; and border-spacing; pls advise which value(s) the official counterpart of hspace in css isthanks a lot
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