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  1. Iv'e now decided to change the way in which the report is going to be generated. At the end of the online form i want to the user to be able to submit the form they have filled in and from this a pdf is generated. Any ideas on how to go about achiving this? Thanks.
  2. Solved. Thanks. Is there anyway i can contact you if i need any help?
  3. Hi, Iv'e spent all day figuring out a way of doing this and came to the conclusion of hide/show, so far its going well, iv'e just come to an issue where when an option from a dropdown is clicked only one div apperas, however i need two divs to appear, please could you take a look and let me know: JQuery: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){ $('.report-type-selection').hide();$('#dropDown').change(function(){$(this).find("option").each(function(){$('#' + this.value).hide();}); $('#' + this.value).show();}); });</script> HTML: &l
  4. I'm doing a project for a client and the Financial Adviser's in the company needed to be able to visit a page and create a report on the fly: Visit a webpage and be able to create a report based on a question form, This is an example of the report. Client's Name: (Name is entered) This name will be replicated throughought the report as well as other information (this is just a quick exmaple). First Question: "what are you serving the client?" Answers: "Pension", "Investment", "Mortgage", "Protection" Based on the answer a set of questions will appear below relevent to each answer.
  5. This has helped so much. Thank you.
  6. Okay I'm biulding a website for a client which is required to do the following: Financial Advisor's from the company i am working for needs to be able to login to the website (by creating a account using a code unique to the company). Then be able to add client infomation to their own client list on a database (seperate from other advisors). From there the Advisors need to be able to go back and see a simplified list of their clients (i.e. just the clients name for example with a search option to find clients easily). Then when the click on the client's name they will be taken to a differe
  7. Okay but it still dosent work. What do i actully need to change like in the php.ini? do i need to install something on to my IIS (on windows 7)? I have the latest version of PHP. Would apprecaite it if you could help thanks. I only have php installed nothing else.
  8. okay is there a way i can specify a smtp in the php file i am using btw could you explain a little what a smtp is and how i would go about setting one up..Thanks =)
  9. .gallerycontainer {background:transparent url('../images/bg/cyanfade.png') repeat-x bottom left;height:640px;width:870px;margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;}img.nude {width:630px; height:635px; float:left; clear:both;}.highslide-gallery .highslide-active-anchor img {border-color: black;visibility: visible;cursor: default;}.highslide-gallery ul {list-style-type: none;margin: 0;padding: 0;}.highslide-gallery ul li {display: block;position: relative;float: right;width: 106px;height: 106px;border: 1px solid silver;background: #ededed;margin: 2px;line-height: 0;overflow: hidden;}.highslide-gallery
  10. Hi use this:CSS Styles: #div{ height:100px; width:100px; border:10px #000 solid; -khtml-border-radius:5px; -moz-border-radius:5px; -webkit-border-radius:5px;} HTML: <div id="div"></div> Enjoy =D
  11. I have the latest version of PHP installed onto my localhost on my computer and i am running a Jquery and PHP form in the test stage for a website. The form echo's to me that it is working but i do not recive an e-mail from my form , as it should do. I am just wondering is this because i am running of a localhost. Thanks very much. Here is my code. The JQuery: (function($){ //define the new for the plugin ans how to call it $.fn.contactable = function(options) { //set default options var defaults = { name: 'Name', email: 'Email', message : 'Message', recipient : 'test@test.co.uk'
  12. okay http://www.imgames.co.uk/default.php
  13. okay have a look at it now iv'e added them back in again
  14. thats because iv'e tried with and without and im trying everything right now iv'e been trying to work it out for the past 6 hours. I will do it =D
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