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  1. So how would I do it?
  2. Hi,I was wondering. There are sites that I go to that have comments. The people comment on their forums about the articles they wrote. But whenever someone comments the number of comments (Comments: 1) changes to (Comments: 2) automcaticly.If you want an example, click the link below (You'll see the "Comment this Update ("number" Comments)":http://www.global-rs.com/Is it some sort of HTML code, php or something?Thanks,EvilChicken
  3. Hi, I've been making a website for alittle while now, and I would love to bring in some flash aspects to it. but I've heard some people say it is hard to get started. I was just wondering:1:Is it hard to start?2:Should i buy Macromedia Flash?
  4. Just use hex like he does. On the w3schools website they have a whole section on hex colors.
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