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  1. Hey Darkwave - thanks very much - that's exactly the sort of thing I'm after - wish I could get you to write more. I can see from the HTML and CSS reference manuals which elements can be colored (fonts, backgrounds, borders, etc.) and I can identify a Palette that I like from colorcombos.com but its the "deciding which elements I want to be noticed" part where I get stuck and any general tips (like the one you've provided above) would be a huge help. Also, if you could point me in the direction of any links you've found useful that would also be a big help - I've spent many hours looking, but thus far haven't come up with much (don't know enough about it to pick the right search terms). And lastly, if you wanted to write more on this topic and wanted a place to publish it, I'd be happy to give you as much space as you needed on my website. I've started working on a series about CSS (the mechanics) but I'd like to balance that with some theory and design considerations. Thanks again for your help, -- Deck
  2. Fair enough -- that's the approach I used on the current look of my website (www.hazen.co.nz) but I'm not completely happy with it. Guess I'll just keep pluggin away. thanks for the reply. - Deck
  3. Hi folks, Good of you to provide this section of the forum, but looking down the list I didn't see much actual criticism. First off let me say that to the extent that you have provide some people with useful information you are to be congratulated, I know it's a big job. But having said that I have to tell you that the reason I joined as a member was to yell at you for some of the worst documentation I've seen in a long time -- and yell at you even louder for making CSS so very much harder to use and learn than it ever needed to be. I'm guessing that you have put the uptake of CSS as a standard back by several years. To provide some credibility for my accusations I should tell you that I've been in I.T. for more than 30 years and I began my career in technical documentation at Zilog in Silicon Valley - prior to that I was a student at the University of California (Santa Cruz) where I worked on the campus newspaper. The documentation failures I've seen on the W3Schools site (and there are many) can be summed up by this little gem: from: http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_standardattributes.asp and I'd like to ask if there is anyone still on your staff that wants to justify this as "documentation" ? If there is, please fire them as this is not documentation it's just repetition and your web pages are full of it. My second accusation is that you have perpetuated the belief that CSS is hard, complicated, and very difficult to learn - and indeed it is the way you and many others in the field present it. I have spent far too many hours searching for intelligent material to help me get to term with CSS and in all but the most recent case, threw up my hands in frustration and disgust at the impenetrability of the material. Finally, on my own, I can to an understanding of CSS that now allows me to manipulate my web pages with a bit of confidence. You are welcome to read my story here: http://www.hazen.co.nz/14_css1/14_index.html Sorry for being so harsh, I'm sure I'll regret it later, this is many hours of needlessly wasted hours coming through. To end on a lighter note - I did offer some useful statistics that you provided on what screen resolutions people are using now. I look forward to some much improved documentation in the future, - Deck
  4. Hi Synook, Thanks for the advice, sadly that's just what I've been doing for the past decade or so and I was kinda hoping for something with a bit more precision, direction, and consistency. Looking at your chops I'd have thought you'd be the one to provide it - but never mind - fiddling is fun. cheers, -- Deck
  5. Sure - thanks for the reply -- the pallet I'd like to play with is the terracotta sunrise on http://www.colorschemer.com/schemes/index.php?start=90 and the website I'd like to apply it to is www.hazen.co.nz Any forward progress would be greatly appreciated. - Deck
  6. Hi All, I don't know much about color, but i know what I like -- I've got a nice pallet I want to try but how do I decide which elements to apply a particular color to? Are there any rules for such things? Some choices are easy -- I've got a black background so obviously I need a light text color, and same with the link colors, but what about borders and horizontal lines etc. All suggestions gratefully received. - Deck
  7. Sorry to start off my first post of such a negative note, but I absolutely must protest the following excerpt from you "HTML attributes reference" : ==========================================Attribute Value Descriptionclass classname Specifies a classname for an elementid id Specifies a unique id for an elementstyle style_definition Specifies an inline style for an elementtitle tooltip_text Specifies extra information about an element (displayed as a tool tip)==========================================This tells me absolutely nothing! -- it might as well be: Bandersnoot - bandersnoot name - specifies a bandersnoot name for an element I went back over the previous pages and found nothing to suggest what class, id, style, or title might be - why they are important - what are their possible values - etc. etc. I'll assume that your editor was out sick that day and push on with a few more pages. Fingers crossed, - Deck
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