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  1. I need a good website thats free and gives me the freedom to code everything(so basically not like weebley), no restrictions on ads. I want to try to code most of the site so i can create a site to be proud of but i cant find a free web host that suits me(i know that sounds bad). I like the look of this website :http://orgfree.freewebhostingarea.com/ But i cant even get started - i have an idea how to code all things i need on my website but i dont understand how to get started at all, Could someone suggest a good free host thank you in advance, please dont flame me :/edit- thanks alot guys
  2. but i thought these servers supported php - thats what i typed in the internet - server host that supports php - it even says in the tutorial on w3 schools that if you dont have your own server you can use another thats supports php :/so basically are you saying that i dont need to download php just use the hosts or something?
  3. thanks for the information guys youve been very helpful - well il have to look into php then thanks againOkay ive never downloaded or used php before - so ive made the plan and i would like you guys to check it and tell me if everythings fine or if i need to add something else.Create a free new domain website Download php - 2 types i can download 1 ->PHP 5.3.5 (tar.bz2) [10,553Kb] not sure what the difference is or if i need to download both 2 PHP 5.3.5 (tar.gz) [13,775Kb] Then i was going to use this free server host http://www.1
  4. ok lets say im going to jump into server side languages to make my map more effective - which one do i use? there are so many :/ Which server side language is the best to use and how do i start off ? w3schools have tutorials on server side languages ?
  5. okay ive got it up and running on a website its not interactive and just gives a basic overview - but i would like to be able to hover my mouse over and get information about the specific dotshttp://hummingbird2.x10.mx/website%20creation/mainpage.htm
  6. Ive recently created a "map" although not very sophisticated (im working on it) it has the basic function and is generally heading in the right direction.If you look at it you can see tiny red dots and on those tiny red dots i want to mouseover it and see text basically but ive had a bit of trouble getting the code right. I want each red dot to display individual texthttp://hummingbird2.x10.mx/website%20creation/mainpage.htmThis is all the code so far.<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3
  7. On w3schools on javascript it talks about coordinates but it doesnt give us the example of code used - i want to do exactly what it shows. Ive created the canvas the right size - i know how to pin point certain locations on the canvas (which is really cool) i was actually a little afraid about using javascript but its awesome Understanding CoordinatesThe fillRect method above had the parameters (0,0,150,75).This means: Draw a 150x75 rectangle on the canvas, starting at the top left corner (0,0).The canvas' X and Y coordinates are used to position drawings on the canvas.Mouse over the rectangle
  8. I want to create a table 500 by 500 and i looked at the amount of code i would have to input using the <th> tag (its pretty insane)Can i do it another way without creating each and every cell individually ?Also can i name each of the cells using coords without having to do each and everyone individually?Should i use another programming language for this?Thanks for you helpEdit- can be done using javascript and using the canvas tag (sorry for wasting forum space)
  9. Im playing a browser game and ive joined an alliance, i was talking to my leader about having our own space on the net for the alliance to talk things out and most of all strategies we can use against other alliances. I then thought of a forum called evolliance that is used just for this purpose. But its used only for another browser game.Can i create an interactive map on a forum?If i cant intergrate this idea onto a map and have to create a website can i create log in system (any good websites with this kind of specific info would be very helpful)I would create the map as simple as possible
  10. check ccs w3schools - css image gallery - looks kind of similiar to what you are trying to (i could be wrong) but you can always give it a whirl - ive heard that using "float" is a good idea (but i could be wrong , im a newbie like yourself) and fixing the images is bad
  11. Im using this website as a template This is the websitethe website is created by iweb (which basically sucks) , i wanted to create a website from scratch and i was wondering can i steal things like the background ? is there some kind of copyright ?edit - the website was created by my wife - so im not stealing from a random website- the website does not work on a search engine and this is the reason im creating a new one from scratch.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------how do i create the A4 style sheet above t
  12. Everythings working now im working on the code online rather than on my desktop, such a simple thing to make it work and now i can see the website shape as i make iti would like to thank eyeryone for helping me - especially boen robot , thanks for the advice, thanks for editing all the mistakes in my code,thanks for your patience and thanks for taking the time to help a newbie
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