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    AJAX example

    Is it possible to create dynamically after selecting the ALFKI from the drop down list.Then it shows a table. But The values from the table is able to click and link to another page?
  2. tototrain

    AJAX example

    •Notice that a parameter (q) is added to the URL (with the content of the dropdown list)hmm did i interpret wrongly?
  3. tototrain

    AJAX example

    Now the program can work, just that the address does not change . it remain as http://localhost/Default.aspx .from what i read, it should change to http://localhost/tryout.asp?value=name or something like that?
  4. tototrain

    AJAX example

    When i select the from the dropdownlist nothing happen. no error. no change in address.im running on window 7 with IIS installed and had created a virtual directory. i tried an earlier example , typing the first and last name in the form, and display welcome firstname lastname.That example was working for me.
  5. tototrain

    AJAX example

    okie but i cant get the sample to work.. anyguys can help?
  6. tototrain

    AJAX example

    http://www.w3schools.com/ajax/ajax_database.aspI try to create the sample.But it cannot work at all.Can someone provide the link to download the database and the source code of this example?
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