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  1. There is not folder as I can see.: I dont have any images on my Dard Drive for Wordpress, here is the .css file. Thank you very very much for you reply. If you cand advice me I'd appreciate it imenesely! Richard . /*Theme Name: RealEstaterTheme URI: http://smthemes.com/realestater/Author: The Smart Magazine ThemesAuthor URI: http://smthemes.com/Description: Template by SMThemes.comVersion: 2.0License: Creative Commons 3.0Theme date: 07/30/2013License URI: license.txtTags: white, red, light, fixed-width, featured-images, custom-menu, translation-ready, threaded-comment
  2. I'm a nube. I Read a book on HTML/CSS no armed with basic understanding. Need to change an image file in a Wordpress theme Accessed the .css file and found the file that I want to change. Question: where do I find the existing file? (it's a .png background image) here is the code: @import url(css/font.css);@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Expletus+Sans);@import url(http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Oswald);html { background:url(images/background.png) left top repeat;}body { background:url(images/top.jpg) left top repeat-x; color:#8a8a8a;} Pl
  3. rsher29

    Using PHPmyadmin

    I visited the recommended page: http://www.wikihow.com/Install-phpMyAdmin-on-Your-Windows-PCThere I followed the advice and put the upziped files into the path: C:\Server\Apache2\htdocs\phpmyadmin.This also failed to display phpmyadmin when I typed: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.phprsher29.
  4. rsher29

    Using PHPmyadmin

    Sorry about the confusion, All I want is to use PHPmyadmin. I understand that it is an alternative to the terminal.That's it. If you think that sticking with the terminal is better for a newbie like me I'll just use that.rsher29.
  5. rsher29

    Using PHPmyadmin

    I downloaded phpmyadmin.I unzipped it into a directory called c:/www/phpmyadminOH, I'm lost...what do I do now? should I be worried? rsher29 ( a total newbie);
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