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  1. I put this topic here becuase I am refering to no specific code.I would like to create a search engine for a site, like google, msn, yahoo etc. Now I have searched for hours and read alot of articles on he matter but I need some extra help. If I want to go about this, what code should I be using for these two parts1. Database, retreival and updating (should i use ASP with MS Acess, PHP with MySQL or what?)2. Spider, I have seen ASP used, I have seen C# used, I have seen Java used and I have been told that google uses Python, so what do I go for?If any has any good tutorials on this I wuld be g
  2. knimbus


    Hallo, I have been reading some of this topic and found it really intresting, I know that its a bit off topic, but its in the same theme of the 'unknown' so as to speak.I read near the start of this topic that there are two things man cannot imagine, I cant rember them now () but i would also like to throw in this: Try to imagine a colour that has never been seen beforeIts not possible, or at least I couldnt manage it. The second thing is something I learned in a physics lesson at school that our teacher started going in to despite its irrelevance to the current topic. If you can think for a
  3. Hi,I am not sure where to put this but because it is related to css it can go here, lolI decided to start a new review site yesterday, so I set up a hosting account and all that... I wanted to be able to post a review, with images etc and for people to be able to comment on how useful the review was, or just what they thought of it. I thought the easyiest way to do this would to be to use a blog script. I decided to use Wordpress since I had heard it was good, but I dont really like it, and I cant use my own css with it unless I change the default css but it confuses me, lol, with all its cust
  4. Thank you very much aquatsr, I worked it out like, 30 seconds before I read this, its always the way... lol... Just one question though, as we have seet the height as 1000px, how do I make it variable so that it expands if my typing is say, 2000px high? or is that what overflow does?thanks again,Chael
  5. hmmm I am really sorr to cause any potential inconvenience but can you give me a very quick example of setting up a Div and then making the CSS for it?just with a coloured background and a white canvas that says 'hello' or something pleasE? I have never used a div like this before....
  6. Hi, I am learning CSS atm so that when my website goes up tomorrow I can make it look half decent, anyway, I was browsing around some sites for idea and I came accross http://blog.unknownserv.net/What I want to do is something similar, except I dont know how... How do I make it so that there is a background, in that sites case blue stripes, and then a white canvas over the top of that which scripts will stay inside... or to put it in an example, http://blog.unknownserv.net/ use wordpress 2, but how does wordpress know not to spill out over onto the blue stripes but stay in the white?Please ans
  7. ok, err... I dont understand this... What do you mean about a textfile? Are you saying just create a form like that and it will work?
  8. out of the server side scripting, i know php the best, but i dont know it well by any means, could you plse give me the code
  9. How can you make a poll in html or javascript that has X number of options which the user selects as a radio buttons and then a submit button which will increase the overall score for both of them, kinda like this:key: X = radio buttonFavourite colour:X greenX red submitand then the page reloads like this:green = 80% and 8 votesred = 20% and 2 votesany help is appreciated
  10. Does anyone know why that when I try to send the html document that opens the tray once, just once, when I send it over msn and my friends try to test it for me they see a continue button (part of the script) but when they click it does either nothing or makes a security alert?
  11. ok, had a permission denied error after I uploaded it to site and now I get another error which I cannot remeber the nature of due to the fact that it has murdered the browser window it was on, try and help me fix it please, here is the link, but please use and empty window!http://car-buzz.com/eject.htm
  12. sorry justsomeguy, I am not too sure on how I would get code to work about checking wether the browser is IE or not, I tried but when it refreshes after the 1 second it displays the pop ups again, but thanks to scott (again) We now have a minimise featurebtw, that is soooo much fun to play with
  13. THANKS!out of intrest is it possible to minimise the browser window after the tray opens?
  14. lol, it might seem mean but it is strictly friends only, just as a joke, are you able to show me the code with the delayed loop included?
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