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  1. Scratch that - looks like it is a bug!http://www.breakingpar.com/bkp/home.nsf/0/...7256C85006A6604http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;191434"In JavaScript placing a leading 0 in front of a number designates that number as octal. In octal, there is no 08 or 09. Therefore, these numbers are interpreted as 0."
  2. Sorry, just so confused by this, and its such simple code I cant see what stupid thing I could be doing, but I have this: var sReceivedDate = "08/05/2007";var nDayR = parseInt(sReceivedDate.substring(0,2));var nMonthR = parseInt(sReceivedDate.substring(3,5));var nYearR = parseInt(sReceivedDate.substring(6,10));alert("" + nDayR + "/" + nMonthR + "/" + nYearR); If sReceivedDate = "01/05/2007" - "07/05/2007" it works fine.If sReceivedDate = "08/05/2007" - "09/05/2007" it says the day is 0.If sReceivedDate >= "10/05/2007" it works fine again (tried every one as far as 20).Has anyone seen this
  3. When in doubt, cheat. Changed my MySQL statement instead: $headlines = MYSQL_QUERY("SELECT NewsTitle, UniqueID, date_format(NewsDate, '%M %D %Y'), NewsText FROM $table ORDER BY NewsDate DESC"); Thanks anyway.
  4. So I have my DB set up, all the other columns are working fine, but my date keeps coming up as December 1969!Can anyone help? $headlines = MYSQL_QUERY("SELECT NewsTitle, UniqueID, NewsDate, NewsText FROM $table ORDER BY NewsDate DESC");while($headlineData = mysql_fetch_row($headlines)){ $newsTitle = $headlineData[0]; $newsID = $headlineData[1]; $newsDate = date('jS F Y', $headlineData[2]);... It doesnt crash or anything, and I have tried changing the date format in MySQL to all of TIMESTAMP, DATE and DATETIME, but no luck!EDIT: If it helps, it is currently set to TIMESTAMP with the data '20
  5. FrostbiteXIII


    Hey guys, I dont know if it would be welcome, but I did these for another forum, and they went down pretty well, so if you want one I'll try to make you one (tho my appearing here can be quite... intermittent). :)My barcode (userID from an online game):Barcode of your username!- Up to 16 characters are encoded (easily, anyway)- Please give your Name, PlayerID and preferred colours- How I work them out:a. I find the ACSII value of each character (eg F = 70)b. Convert this to binary (70 = 01000110)c. Then make these into lines (0 is a 1-pixel-thick white line, 1 is a 1-pixel-thick black line)d.
  6. OK, Ive narrowed my problem down to the consecutive div tags with the following classes: div.lvl4section_headerleft { text-align: center; clear: none; float: left; width: 30%; vertical-align: middle; padding: 0px;}div.lvl4section_headercentre { text-align: center; clear: none; float: left; width: 40%; vertical-align: middle; padding: 0px;}div.lvl4section_headerright { text-align: right; clear: none; float: right; width: 30%; vertical-align: top; padding: 0px;} Can anyone tell me why IE7 is adding about 50% more white space to the right of my page (meaning I have to use a big left/right scrol
  7. OK, its taken me this long, and Ive pulled |''''|''''| much of my hair out, but Ive norrowed it down! Will now make a new css topic!Thanks again!
  8. Thanks again Jesh - works a treat!Was so happy - It all now looks *perfect* in Firefox! All code is validating - including my css... Then I tried IE7...F*ing div tags (well... I *think* its the div tags)!
  9. Oooh, thanks Jesh - my RTFMing took awhile, so my repy was quite delayed from when I started!
  10. OK, Im trying out this fancy 'RTFM' method...But still not getting very far: protected void Page_Load(){ if(!IsPostBack){ currentYear.Text = DateTime.Now.ToString("yyyy"); filename = Request.ServerVariables["PATH_TRANSLATED"]; objFI = new System.IO.FileInfo(filename); modifiedDate.Text = objFI.LastWriteTime.ToString("MMMM dd, yyyy"); } // Show or hide the Panel contents. if (Request.QueryString["printme"] == "true") { Normal_W3CImages.Visible = false; Print_W3CImagesGap.Visible = true; lvl0div_print.Disabled = true; lvl1div_print.Disabled = true; lvl0div_normal.Dis
  11. Also, if its just the layout that you want, a Google Image search works very well:http://www.google.co.uk/images?q=invoice
  12. Hey guys, gave up on the pdf printing - decided it might be nicer to just use asp.net to create a new printer friendly page - basically I am using panels and switching their visibility depending on which version I want shown (via a querystring)...However there are some styles that need to change for the main div tags... I have set two different styles for the outlying div tags in my css file. Can anyone tell me the best way to change between these?I currently have something like: <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <asp:Label id="lvl0section" runat="server"> <asp:Lab
  13. Didnt even notice that bit, thanks Jesh!And checking your link out now, pulp!Thanks guys! :)Bob
  14. Thanks Jesh - looks good, but $500 is a bit much for my 1 page CV!
  15. Thanks again, for anyone too lazy to read the link, you just need to add this line to your web.config: <xhtmlConformance mode="Strict" /> Also, even typing in the link to the web page didnt seem to work for me - I actually had to do the other thing you suggested and view source, copy, and paste the code...Thanks again!
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