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    What you can do is make a simple table in HTML like so: <html><head><style type="text/css">.menu{border:none;}.first{background-image:url('menuimage.png');}.second{background-image:url('menuimage.png');}.third{background-image:url('menuimage.png');}.first:hover{background-image:url('hoverimage.png');}.second:hover{background-image:url('hoverimage.png');}.third:hover{background-image:url('hoverimage.png');}td{padding:5px;}</style></head><body><table class="menu"><tr><td class="first">My First Link</td><td class="second">My Secon
  2. You can make all of your website graphics with it. You can make your banners/logos, backgrounds, buttons, everything!I haven't used CS in a while, but in CS3 you can slice the layers and save them for the web.
  3. Hey there you guys.I'm still trying to learn javascript, and having trouble.What I've got is a text field, and below the text field is some emoticons. When I click on the emotes it inserts the code for them into the text field.But what I want to do is have a link to a pop up window, and inside thepop up window would be a list of emoticons. When you click on the emoticonsit should add the code for it to the parent window.I've been looking all over the internet for how to do this and have come upempty handed. I could really use some help.I'd like it to be just like making a new thread here on W3
  4. Basically, I just want it to where when you click on the code, it copies it just like if you use the keyboard or mouse, and then you paste the code onto a different webpage. I noticed that too. Would the correct coding be flash then? I can use the above code,but I was just curious if there was way to copy on click.Thank you for your help!
  5. Hey there everybody!I'm pretty new to javascript, and only know a few things. So I couldreally use some help here. What I want is a text field box that I can click on, and upon doing thatit should select all of the text and copy it at the same time. Like on Photobucket here: Findstuff on Photobucket .If you click on the code text field it copies it for you. Does anybody knowhow I can do this?I found this code: <script type="text/javascript">function SelectAll(id){ document.getElementById(id).focus(); document.getElementById(id).select();}</script>Textarea:<br><textarea ro
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