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  1. Hello. I was wondering, when coding in HTML 5, what is the order of the meta tags? Should they after the title-tag?
  2. ThatJeeves


    Hello. Will it be okay if I only have the index-page in the sitemap?
  3. ThatJeeves


    Hello. When creating a sitemap to submit to google-webmaster account, how many sublinks must I have beside the index-file?
  4. ThatJeeves


    Hello. Do you know of any site that provides public domain-images from tv-series or Movies?
  5. ThatJeeves

    link color

    Hello. I was wondering, If I change the hyperlink-color with CSS, i.e, a {color: black}, must I then at the same time define the background-color for the hyperlink, i.e a {background: green;}?
  6. ThatJeeves


    Hello. I have considered to use a sitemap to get indexed in Google. How many links must a sitemap least have? Will it be ok if I only have the index-page?
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