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  1. Hello. I was wondering, when coding in HTML 5, what is the order of the meta tags? Should they after the title-tag?
  2. ThatJeeves


    Hello. Will it be okay if I only have the index-page in the sitemap?
  3. ThatJeeves


    Hello. When creating a sitemap to submit to google-webmaster account, how many sublinks must I have beside the index-file?
  4. ThatJeeves


    Hello. Do you know of any site that provides public domain-images from tv-series or Movies?
  5. ThatJeeves

    link color

    Hello. I was wondering, If I change the hyperlink-color with CSS, i.e, a {color: black}, must I then at the same time define the background-color for the hyperlink, i.e a {background: green;}?
  6. ThatJeeves


    Hello. I have considered to use a sitemap to get indexed in Google. How many links must a sitemap least have? Will it be ok if I only have the index-page?
  7. ThatJeeves


    Hello. If I define h1 {color: olive} in my css-file, must I also add background (i.e, background: transparent?)
  8. Hello. How do I define color for my <hr>? Is with "background" or "color" in my css-file?
  9. Hello. I forgot some piece of css-code in the previous entry. In the stylesheet on li, I forgot "border: outset thin". Will it still matter? SEO-wise and so forth.
  10. Hello. I have a website which has buttons created with <ul> and <li>. The <ul> is inside a div-container. If I insert margin: 0 auto to the <ul> inside my stylesheet, the li automatically spans automatically on the width. Is this SEO-friendly? I also discovered, that I don't need to specify list-style-type: none when coding it like this. The button to the li has disappeared. Let me give an example of the CSS-code. Maybe you will understand easier. ul {margin: 0 auto;} li {padding: 20px;width: 200px;list-style-type: none;} #menydiv {border: solid 1px;} (I don't specify and width in the menydiv. I have also specified list-style-type none to the <li even though I discovered it disappeared by itself when coding it like this.)
  11. Hello. I have a website with only content on the index-page. Should I place a link to the index.html-file even though it's the only document on the site? Is it SEO-friendly?
  12. Hello. I have a site which is coded in html 4.01. The problem is, a linkpartner of mine requires a backlink in xhtml. Will I have to recode my site into XHTML in order for my site to be SEO-friendly?
  13. ThatJeeves

    CSS issues

    Hello. I little problem has arised with my stylesheet. The thing is, I have defined some elements in my css-file that doesn't correspond to any elements in my html-document. For example, I define <hr> in my css-document, however, without any hr in my html-document. Will I have to remove every element (hr and others) from my css-file in order for my site to be seo-friendly?
  14. ThatJeeves

    CSS issues

    Hello. I have a little problem with using <li> in <ul> (unordered lists). I have set the li to display:inline in the stylesheet-link, which makes it horizontal. I will use it as navigation. Here's the issue. The ul for nav is put inside a div called nav. When I adjust the padding of <li> it stretches across the border of the nav-div. Will my site be SEO-friendly if I don't make any adjustments to the div for the navigation? Are there any other ways?
  15. ThatJeeves


    How do I link to seperate sections on an individual page of my site?
  16. ThatJeeves

    Margins On Anchor

    Hello. Will my site be SEO-friendly if I use margin-left on a (anchor)?
  17. Hello. If I make a site in Swedish, will it be SEO-friendly if I insert English affiliate code?
  18. ThatJeeves

    Head Tags

    Hello. Could you provide the basic tags in the head section coupled witht the doc-type?
  19. Hello.If I have a Swedish site, will it be seo-friendly if I insert English affiliate-code, wrapping it inside <p lang="en"> </p>?
  20. Hello.Suppose I specify lang=sv in the html tag, is it ok or ethical if I specify indivudal names with lang=en or other language in the document?
  21. Hello.Am I obligated to somehow define language in an html-document? Is it okay to leave out any "lang="?
  22. Hello.It has recently dawned on me that the .com extension stands for commercial. This would perhaps mean that if I use a .com domains they 'must' use affiliate links. Is it okay to use .com even I don't use affiliate links? Should I perhaps use .info instead?
  23. Would it work if I used <p lang="en"> instead?
  24. Hello. I'm planning on making sites in Swedish, however using the allposter.com affiliate program. The thing is, I want to add some kind of language tag for the affiliate code. The code includes an image link and a text-link. Is it ok if I wrapped the html-code within <span style="lang="en"> </span> to show that the code is in English. Does this work if the image is within the <span lang=en>? Will the <span lang="en"> show google that the image alt-text is in English as well?
  25. Hello.I used to handcode my sites but I'm a bit uncertain nowadays as to which tags in the head to use. I felt that there might be legal issues when picking the tags. Could someone provide the basic head tags (meta tags, language, charset) and doctype (preferably for html 4.01)? I would be most grateful. By the way, could you also include a stylesheet-link?
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