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    1st Website

    i think its really nice for your first website. try working with css abit more to make elements change style on hover for example.
  2. the "|" sign splitting the home and gallery button has a link beneath it. looks abit unprofessional
  3. ilyakar


    why do some companies make their api public?
  4. goto <snip> thats where i learnt all my coding
  5. Hi, i just made a portfolio about myself and i added all the cool features i know to it to make it as good as i possible can.care to tell me what you think?http://portfolio.iwtso.comthanks
  6. ilyakar

    Page width/resolution

    dilated, your answer is great, i was wandering what why people used ems
  7. what you want to do is simple. add a div below the content and tell the css to add the background image in the div. thats how all my sites do it.<div id="content"></div><div id="content_bottom"></div>
  8. did you download the css file? if you did, then the maker probably used another program thats why dreamweaver doesnt see any line breaks. add the line breaks manually and save the file and everything should be fine.
  9. i think $100 for that website is a good deal
  10. i can see that you put much work in the website but i think you need to do something with the colors and the style to make it more appealing to the eye. i find it hard to find what's where.
  11. im sorry. ive been developing website for 6 months and i can do better than that. im sorry but i think its absolute rubbish, the colors are horrible and the elements are out of control :S sorry
  12. hmm try using more images in your template
  13. create an account btn doesnt work for me
  14. why dont you build the site yourself? much more fun that way and you dont get those kinds of problems...
  15. thanks for all your replies you guys, helped me out alot
  16. ilyakar

    php question

    yeah i wouldn't get into that right now. it's actually copying the site information and displaying it on their site with their toolbar. why do you actually want to do that?
  17. ilyakar


    I see many people having signature links, so i assume that's allowed, but just to be sure, is it? can i link to any site i like?
  18. Hi everyone, my name is Ilya and im a rookie web developer. i knew about w3schools as soon as i started web development, but i just recently found out that they also had a forum. I love it! This looks like a great place to share your problems and also help others, a great community
  19. i checked the link out, but where can you actually download these algorithms?
  20. sorry for nooby question, but what does this "->" mean in php?
  21. hi, im familiar with the onload command which i can add to the body tag as soon as the page loads, but is there a way that i can start a javascript function as soon as the website opens?the reason i want to know is because i want to use the innerhtml thing to replace some content as soon as the page starts loading.thanks.
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