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  1. omg, you guys have me spinning here.... as a web student i use dreamweaver cs5 it helps me a lot but.... i want to learn all the codes myself by doing in either Crimson Editor which was replaced by Emerald Editor and Notepad2, I want to download Notepad 2 for Vista, where i can find it?
  2. and deprecated tags dont work!
  3. hmmm.... it aligns perfectly on my pc....
  4. Hi there!Im a student at a local school in florida and use CS4 at school. since we are now on vacation im practicing it at home but got some problem, im using CS3, and i cant find in the view menu where i thought i would find it is the split vertically/horizontally the code and design windows, anyone can give me a hand with this?thanks in advance and happy holidays to all!
  5. hello everyone in the web world, im currently are learning web design, not easy in the beginning but im sure i will do well with practice. im in the Sunshine State in USA and i look forward to become a good web designer, glad to be here with all of you!
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