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  1. It reminds me of a landing page for a parked domain ... Oldschool ... rigid ... clean but not fit for the modern internet surfer who prefers mobile friendly pages optimized for scrolling ... You'd be surprised at how simply coded a good mobile optimized website can be that also looks good on desktop.... In my opinion, its the logo, content, and images within the content that have the most power to engage the visitor.
  2. Its a very clean layout. I can't read the language but its organized well. A simple logo would go a long ways.
  3. just chillin ... browsin the web at Kansas City's newest internet cafe - jlounge

  4. thank you for the resource, i honestly tried reading it to the best of my ability and figuring it out. maybe i can trouble you to help me with this example.On a page i want to output this on the first visit from an ip and the cookie will remain on the users computer for 10 days. <div id="sample>< php include ("/includes/sample.php") ?> </div> thanks for the help
  5. thank you for your reply. I guess idealy, they would only see it once similar to a cookie that lasts like 2 days or something. It will definitely not be a login thing.I definitely don't want to throw any cookie flags that would get the site in trouble. If a cookie solution is the best way to do it, i would love to here about how i can go about this in the most efficient way solely for displaying an html based element such as a div position.I don't need info about how to do it with a div obviously, just guidance on how to do the cookie foundation you mentioned. Also note, that each page could have its own cookie i guess rather than sitewide...i obviously am oblivious.Thanks Alot!
  6. Hi, im trying to go back to basic html and php sites in order to expand the limitations i've created by solely using premade cms's.I have a simple question.I need advice or guidance for displaying an html based element on the first time a visitor views a page, but not on recurring views.This doesn't need to be permanent.If further explanation of what i'm hoping to find info for is need let me know.Im looking for the most efficient way to do this with php or whatever works the best. I'm guessing once i know the foundation for it, i can then do whatever html element i want, such as a simple placed div or an immediate lightbox popup. The important thing is for it to not be happening over and over in the time frame that a user is looking at different pages.Thanks.
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