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  1. Ok I think i did it right.
  2. I used firebug and the target area seems to be the widget here............. feature-bottom-right" class="w260-"> #feature-top .textwidget,#feature-bottom .textwidget { padding: 10px;}#feature-top ul,#feature-top ol,#feature-bottom ul,#feature-bottom ol { padding: 10px 0px; margin: 0px 15px 5px 25px; list-style-type: square;}#feature-top li ul,#feature-top li ol,#feature-bottom li ul,#feature-bottom li ol { padding: 0px;}#feature-top a.rsswidget img,#feature-bottom a.rsswidget img { display: none;}
  3. The whole stylesheet? I can if thats what you want. I just thought that would be frowned upon hence thats why they allow attachments. lmk
  4. I have been trying to figure out this for 5 hours now and my head hurts. lol. Obviously I now very little about css. But im trying hard. Red CSS.txt I have a wordpress theme and 3 widgets on the bottom. 2 of them line up perfect but not the third one. It needs to come down 10px from top and 12px from right side. I need the css to target just the one widget not all three. Can you tell me exactly what i need and where in the stylesheet to put it please?
  5. Ok i will try that link.....thanks
  6. Howdy fellas!I need to add padding to this image....... <img alt="" src="http://autorepairorlando.org/wp-content/themes/carsdealer/images/sign.jpg"> it is jammed up against the edge of the page.I also have 2 of 5 <h4>fix it right</h4> tags that also need padding. Please break down this for me as i am learning but need this done. Thank you! Bobby
  7. Thank you both for the info....that should help alot.
  8. Thank you for responding. I know you said thats some inline code but can you elaborate slightly? How would i incorporate the code to make the word " DOG" have a much larger font size than the other text? The animal moves like a DOG hunting wild geese.
  9. Bobster0007

    CSS for fonts ?

    Hi, Does someone want to offer a little help? I have a wordpress site that i need to be able to make some of the fonts much larger... would you kindly walk me through this somewhat please? I wish i had time to learn alot of CSS and i hope i will sometime soon. But now i really need this done. I only know some basic HTML so far. Thanks for trying either way.
  10. thanks dink....i forgot to change file to html...lol
  11. Can you tell me what im doing wrong? Im trying to learn HTML. I saved this file in notepad using the save "all files" selection. The image file is on a web server but when i open in my browser only the text shows up. Im trying to get the image to show up on the page with the text. I thought my browser would render the image from the internet once i opened up the file. ????? im missing something simple im sure..???<html><head><title>Sharpen your pencil trivia</title></head><body><p>How long a line can you draw with the typical pencil?</p><p><img src="http://www.headfirstlabs.com/trivia/pencil.gif"></p></body></html>
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