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  1. That sounds interesting, how is XML publically visible when still encrypted?
  2. I have a passwd.xml that I made so I take it a step further on the web and do some cool things with it. First of which is figure out how to decrypt the file (using gpg), then display it securely. From there I want to do something fancy like make a UI to add entries to the file and lastly secure it again when done. Maybe I could start a new thread to get help on that?
  3. retro-starr

    XML newline

    I have an XML file that I need newlines for each entry between two tags. This is an example of what it looks like: <notes> blah1 blah2</notes> I don't do anything fancy except drag the file into a new tab in Firefox. In Firefox the output looks like: This is not something I want. I tried using <![CDATA[ ]]>, but that didn't do anything.
  4. It's actually courseware, so you have to buy the software to see the answers. I just used the site for the tutorial info, not the homework!
  5. The script I made refuses to work with any SSL-enabled sites (https) like the secure login for Gmail.This is the message from the Error Console: Do I need to do something to allow the data to load?
  6. I got it! Only problem is that it's not aware of links from inside the iframe, so it doesn't update the src, but instead the contents of the iframe.I was close: $('#content').load(function() { var x = $('#content').attr('src'); $('#url_input').attr('value', x); });
  7. Just found out that JS/JQuery change() only works for input, select, and text areas not iframe; so I figure I'd have to do load() instead.This seems like it'd work, but I need someone more versed in JQuery to aid me on this. $('#content').load(function() { var x = $('#content[src]'); $('#url_input').attr('value', x); });
  8. Below I made a function that I feel should've updated the input field "url_input" with the value of the new src. This does not work though, so my question is what am I doing wrong? function iframe_address() { $('#content["src"]').change(function() { $('#url_input').attr('value', change()); }); }; #content being the iframesrc is the attribute I want to watch#input_input being the input fieldvalue being the attribute I want to update
  9. So I'd have to set margins to get this baby to work?
  10. I've actually learned everything from w3schools, but have you looked at the "tutorial and references" thread? If you have a specific question, start a new thread or PM me. If you are starting out, do basic javascript and work your way to to JSON and DOM as you'll get a better understanding of how it works. I might not have the best work strategy, but what I do is look at the complete reference that w3schools provides and pick which I think is the best for the given task. That hasn't work out with CSS, but eventually I'll be good at it.Also, make it a priority to check responses. Check daily at
  11. This is the code for #url_bar <form id="url_bar" method="post"> <!-- way to take off history, so previously typed URLs don't show up? --> <input id="url_input" type="text" value="" /> </form> and the action $('#url_bar').submit(function() { address(); return false; });
  12. I do get your examples, thanks. This little bit of code is a weird to me; I justify the use of return false in this case because the form (#url_bar) is expecting something to comeback, but you're overriding that with return false. $('#url_bar').submit(function() { address(); return false; }); Did I get it right? I took out the return statement and the script stopped working, but started again when I replaced it.
  13. Is that case-sensitive? I read you could set the variable to use with "var NAME=$.noConflict();".
  14. Oh, so I was right. So in the script he gave, would I just use getSelectedText() as the variable? function getSelectedText(textbox) { if (document.selection) { //IE return document.selection.createRange().text; } else { //firefox, safari, chrome and opera return textbox.value.substring(textbox.selectionStart,textbox.selectionEnd); };};location.href='http://google.com/#hl=en&q=' + getSelectedText();
  15. I'm not sure how to expand on that. I haven't figured out the return command really.
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