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  1. yes i known an way... but i really cannot say that's absolutely possible.. getting php code from users via form and save it as a .php file can be a way ...
  2. hi guys I must need your suggestions....THIS IS MY PROJECT ... I wanna allow my users to run their php codes in my sub folders...and I am indexing their admin panel via Sql and php...I wanna place my ads on their every php page which created by my users...I wanna allow my users to use their sql space...HERE IS MY POINT WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY...allowing users to run their php codes may be a very big drawback for my parent server and my other users...because an user can be a bad injector ..they can post like (exec() .............). and an user can attack parent sql server...I guessed an idea like re-scan and formatting their codes ...but it's absolutely impossible ..because php has hundreds and thousands of functions I cannot format their codes...I can create a account for them like shared hosting...if I done that I cannot track them ...I need your suggestions...ideas ... I am in a very big confusion...every problem has solution almost... I need your help guys... atleat give me a small tip as u known
  3. here is the excellent ebookhttp://it-ebooks.info/go.php?id=1856-1363898560-1caa282946cdc74199f290c095ab7612
  4. the first link you given me for example is invalid !..
  5. hello i learned php basics well..but now i want to become a professional programmer..but all professional programmers doing their projects in object model... but i know for create objects model inside the class and i dont know about how to made acomplete object model applications...i already googled about "object model applications in php"but i am thinking as it could be very hard for learn from those tutorials .... u have any ideas for learning from easy subjects ??i also cannot be learn from php.net..... can u give me your tips ....like from where u learned ???what are the main subjects in object models ??are u using any tricks in object models ????what i have to do for learning this object oriented programing???will video tutorials better for learning ??? are u a professional programmer ???can u please tell me about from where can i get projects ?what are the pricing limits in programming ???
  6. Help me plz i need this..........
  7. this option was not supporting for old browsers i am doing this for mobile users almost....but most of the mobile browsers doesn't have this facility......
  8. oh but some of the ad company filtering these kinds of acts...do you know what could be the answer atleast of 50 % .........filtering
  9. then can u tell me why this counter was getting increased ???it's real page : http://hugetop.ptop.info/givingindex.phpit's iframe page :http://ptop.info/test.php
  10. mean when a site try for open my site in an iframe how can i stop that ??
  11. yeah i got it but i cannot understand how to escape from iframe request ...?
  12. OK, let me explain u. Let, www.wapwap.com is my site & www.mobmob.com is a toplist site. In mobmob.com, i can add my wapwap.com for listing in their site. So i will get a unique code from mobmob.com (like : "http://mobmob.com/?id=100"). I place that link in my site, so that visitor from my site can go to mobmob.com & mobmob.com can count how many clicks they got from my site.... But, If I use these two things like {{ <img src="http://mobmob.com/?id=100" /> or file_get_contents() }} , then they will not get any real visitors but they(mobmob.com) will count clicks when any user visits my site(wapwap.com). So, those clicks are fake. So, how can I protect this cheating on mobmob.com ?? Any Ideas ? Thanks.
  13. hello i am having problem from fopen... file_get_contents............ i wanna stop site's using my page .....b'coz i a wanna run toplist site...so when a site try to cheat me how can i protect my site ???how can i protect my site from fake clicks ????? the file_get_contents was running as real click how can i filter these kinds of clicks....is there anyway .....? advanced thanks for ur help.....
  14. something you sended to the browser that may be "text" or any other action before session_start();
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