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  1. thank you alot Sir but why should this graphic file can become *.bmp , *.jpg, *.gif etc... which of these graphic files is the best, which makes the pixels of my monitor or the software to open the file or the file it self, which of these file types are the best in resolutions? thanks alot sir even though I am new her you really entertain and help me alot
  2. Full name: Ace(not giving last name)Alternative name(s): IcemanBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 04/07/1998Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: CancerCountry of residance: PhilippinesHeight: 4'6"Weight: I haven't weighed myself in a whileEyes: blackHair: blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: No/Yes/NoFavourite Music: Rock mostly, alternativeFavourite Movies: Mostly anime, comedies, sci-fi & action, Interest: I have computer programming I want to be a programmer sumdayAdditional comments: <?php echo "Are kids welcome here" ?>
  3. would you kindly explain and give an example... I am only an eight year old kid you know?
  4. How can I make a html with a cool back ground?
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