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    retrieving autonumber

    select @@identityIm using it and it seems to work fine
  2. try joining the tables, you'll need common columns in both tables
  3. ray

    correlated subquries

    why did you make emp_mentor_id a string?change it to numeric and then just order by emp_mentor_id
  4. make sre that username is not a unique field
  5. ray

    DropDown List

    if really try hard you amy be able to do it with java script
  6. had the same problem with dynamically created controls, as aspnetguy said, you need to create them with every postback.
  7. ray

    Accessing SQL DB's

    i only got that because of the .ldb file. once i deleted that i could connect
  8. Hi i'm RayFull name: Ray PaverAlternative name(s):Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 17 April 1981Gender: maleZodiacal sign: AriesCountry of residance: South AfricaMaritial Status: Getting married in a month would love to learn from you guys, and stay updated on the latest web developments
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