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  1. What I would ideally like is 1) Form data to be emailed to me on submit as it does now.2) Data stored for later interogation/search, ie. what type of property, price, name, etc.3) Add 'activity data', ie. client phoned, viewed 123 high street, etc. to a record Neville
  2. Hi mpoerThanks for your offer of help.I have 2 hosting packages, my main site lives on one (which I refer to as my shop window) & the second does all the work (refer to as workshop).The second one features 5.0GB transfer limit per month. 200MB webspace. 100 POP Boxes. 100 SMS messages per month. Full newsgroup access * Email redirection. Email filtering. Email responders. POP3 email delivery. Web based email access. Account control Interface. Group aliases. FTP access. Frontpage extension support. Graphical webstats on site traffic. Raw website access logs. Secure website
  3. Hi Nakor & aspnetguyMany thanks for your posts but I think that what I'm trying to do is beyond my capabilities.By the way, my URL for the form is www.nevillescott.co.uk/registration.htmlCheers!Neville
  4. Hi aspnetguythanks for quick response. I've inserted <form name=“registration” onsubmit="opener.location = 'http://my domain/thank_you';window.close();".....>but it does not work. What am I omitting?Also how can I get the data into Excel?RegardsNeville
  5. HiI've designed a form that sends email to me, ie. method="post" enctype="text/plain" when user clicks on submit.What I would like to do is after 'submit' is to1) Close the form window2) Re-direct to 'thank you' page3) send data so that it can be inserted into Excel on my desktopI'm an absolute beginner so need to know where to place script, etc.Neville
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