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  1. I am frustrated because this: <div style='width:400px:height:150px;border:1px solid blue'>...</div> does not give me a 400 by 150 pixel region on the page.(the 'border' could be background-color; it's just there toshow the region boundaries.) <div> always seems to be page width.The best I can get is with <td> (table cell),which will be no bigger than the enclosed contents. I want a "box" into which I can put thingsand those things will be inside the boxand the box will be around those thingswith the specified size.Exclusive - nothing else on the page will be inside t
  2. In your XML documentation you never specify the format of the <?xml ... ?> line. You give some examples, but never specifications. The tutorial frequently recommends saving the file in UTF-8 format, but every example of the encoding attribute shows encoding="ISO-8859-1". I can only guess that what I want is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> .Also, it is not clear from your write-up whether single quotes (') are legal as xml quotes, or only double quotes (") are legal. In many languages we use double quotes to surround the entire output string and so single quotes are easier t
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