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  1. Hi, This is with reference to your query posted .You can learn but Oracle.But, for web programming, it won't be useful at all.Now-a-days, With VB.net and ASP.net, the programmers are using MS-SQL Sever as the back-end.With PHP - MySQL,With Java, HTML, DHMTL - MS-SQL Server.But, Oracle has its own value.If you know Oracle well, you can learn other Databases easily.I suggest that, first decide yourself which front-end language you want to learn for web designing. Then, decide the back-end.I hope, this is useful for you.If not so, please let me know with the correct info.Waiting for your response
  2. Prakash

    About Column Names

    Hi,I need ur help to resolve my issue.I'm using Oracle 9i.I've a table with 10 columns. Each column has 10 values (i.e., 10 records completely). In that, 5 columns have some null values. I want to retrieve the column names in which the records have the null values.Pls help me finding the query.Thanq in advance.Bye.
  3. Prakash


    Hi Chitra,This is Prakash.I would like to resolve ur issue.when you create an index on the rows, it will give a number to those rows based on the blocks in which they are stored. Index sorts the records based on the blocks and assigns the unique number. Whenever you want to retrieve the records, then it will retrieve those records based on the unique numbers. It makes the retireval faster. And, If you retrieve the records using an 'order by' clause, then it will temporarily get the records from the database and sort those records. It is confined only to that query. If u want to get the same ou
  4. Sorry, I'm not able to understand your Question.Please Poll the Question Correctly and Clearly.Are you working with Oracle or SQL Server?I mean, You want to retreive the Database names or Database Objects?I'll try to send you the reply.Bye.
  5. Hi everybodyDon't worry about my problem.I have found the solution myself.I got the program.But I don't know onething. Is there nobody to solve the problem?R u not interested in sending me the reply or u don't know the solution?Anyway, if anyone have tried to solve the problem, I'm greatful to them.Bye.
  6. Hi Everybody,Please help me to solve the problem.I have to develop the PL/SQL program with some DDL commands.I mean, I have to create a table through the PL/SQL block.I know that, It is possible using 'Execute Immediate ....' Command.But when I am working with that, An error is occurred.Please help to solve it.Thank u in advance.I'm waiting for ur solutions.Bye.
  7. Prakash

    DDL in PL/SQL!!?

    Hi Everybody,I'm Prakash. I am back with new Question.How can I create or alter or drop a table through PL/SQL?I want execute the DDL Commands through PL/SQL.Please send me the replies.Thanks in Advance.Bye to All.
  8. Prakash


    Hi I'm Prakash.I'm new to HTML.I've a question. Please send me the reply.I want to hide to HTML code from viewing through the browser, View>Source.How can I prevent the users from viewing the code?Thanks in advance.Bye.
  9. Prakash

    Oracle Passwords

    Hi,I'm Prakash.I'm posting one problem. Please send me the replies.In Oracle, the passwords for user accounts would be stored somewhere.Where the passwords would be stored?And, they may be in encrypted form. How to decrypt them?Please send me the replies.Thanking you all.Bye.
  10. Prakash


    Hi, I'm Prakash.How many Platforms does support Oracle?Would u tell me the names of the Platforms?Please send me the replies.Thank u all.Bye.
  11. Prakash


    Hi,I'm Prakash. I'm interested in Database Programming.I'm posting one problem, please tell me the solution.I've a table in Oracle with 10 Columns. If some of the columns are having some null values, How can I retreive the Column names using either SQL or PL/SQL?Please send me the replies.Thanking you all.Bye.
  12. Prakash


    I'm using the Oracle database.I've a table with 10 columns.If there are some null values in some columns, how can I extract the Column names in which the null values exist?Please tell me the answer. It may be using SQL query or PL/SQL programming.Thank You all.Bye.
  13. You need to go for Data Warehousing Tools like Erwin, Informatica..Try to use Erwin. It's very to useful while working with multiple databases.Bye.
  14. Prakash


    It works as well as in the Access.Primary Key doesn't allow repetitions and null values.Foreign key is the reference to the Primary key.
  15. Prakash


    What is Oracle Performance Tuning?What is the process to acheive goog performance?
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