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  1. I have to build a versions of a website in different languages. There are no problems with ltr languages, everything works similar to English, but there is some problem with rtl languages. When i build a "Contact Us" form I have to send a message to email. The problem is that last punctuation mark moves from the utmost left position to the utmost right as it is in English.So, i have something like that: "txet emos." instead of ".txet emos" (txet emos = rtl for "some text")For Hebrew language i have found a PHP hebrev() function, but it helps only if text has no more that one row.If there any solution to this problem?The fragment of the code: $comments = $_POST['message'];$comments = hebrev($comments);mail($address, $subject, $comments , $headers);
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    Unexpected margin

    I did a very common thing: <?php include_once '../include/header.php'; ?> when header begins from <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC etcIt works fine in FF only. In IE, Chrome znd Safari there is a white space (height about 25px) in the top of a page.If you get source in IE for example it looks very common but it has even not a space, but something before <!DOCTYPE.I mean if you press "delete" once you didn't see something was deleted, but if you view this code there is no white space in the page.If you press one more time it will delete the first symbol ("<").There is no such effect in header.php. How to fix this problem?
  3. It was a war with a Joomla HTML Editor that splits rows.At the and i changed the script and everything works.I haven't uploaded a last version yet.Thanks to everyone.By the way. Could you recommend me a not very complicated JS debugger?
  4. It was a strange behavior of a Joomla HTML editor. I had to write funny code to solve this string splitting:var sh = new Array();sh[0] = "<";sh[1] = "li";sh[2] = ">";sh[3] = "<img src=\"";sh[4] = "";sh[5] = "";sh = sh[0]+sh[1]+sh[2]+sh[3];short =sh+"images/customers_125/";var sc_js = "";for (i=0; i<im.length; i++){sc_js +=""+short+""+im[i]+"\" alt=\""+im[i]+"\" title=\""+im[i]+"\" /></li>";} But it didn't help. The effect is the same. It works on my computer and doesn't work on the client's website.
  5. I wrote a script for slideshow based on InnerFade.It works without any problem on my computer and doesn't work on the client's website.The website build on Joomla and the code is a bit heavy. Styles, everything is inside.They want it so. They also asked me to put everything in the body, so they can use it as an independent module.Not easy to understand what is the matter on this page and I don't understand what prevent the script from working.http://www.xorcom.com/products/product-configurator.htmlThe slideshow should be under "Successful Companies Use Xorcom! " on the right.div id="customers_slideshow" and JS is placed above the div.
  6. Does it mean that i'll use the same form, but with https instead of http in URL:<form action="https://www.IhaveSSL.com/read_message.php" method="post">?
  7. Thank you!Now, for example i have a website http://www.IhaveSSL.com with SSL certificate and i want to sent data to this site. Without SSL i can just create a form <form action="http://www.IhaveSSL.com/read_message.php" method="post"> etc.But if now it works with SSL how it affects a code? There must first be a secure connection established.
  8. But if i understand you correctly it is a positive answer. Different users can have encrypted traffic with one site using HTTPS. I mentioned passwords only to show why encryption is important.
  9. All these websites have different domain names. Does it mean that SSL encrypts data which is coming from A to sites B only or it is also encrypts data that is coming from group B to A?
  10. I have never worked with SSL certificates before, so i wanted to ask some questions about SSL.There is a website, let's call it A that gives a particular paid service to a group of websites (group . When a registered user from any of websites B wants to use A he have to send to A some information includes user name and password. To owner of a B group convenient to use the same usernames and passwords for all these services. The one who can take possession of these data will be able to use sites A and B as well which is unacceptable. The question is: is the SSL could be a good solution for this situation? And do we can use the same usernames and passwords for A and B or it is better to use different usernames and passwords anyway? And is it correct that the owner of these websites needs to buy a SSL certificate for website A only.
  11. It seems to be an IE& bug.Solved by changing <div class="right" > to <div id="left_pic" >and in css:#left_pic { float: right; width: 72px;}
  12. OKThe code is$message = ($_POST['msg1']);$text = stripcslashes($message);$user = "user";$pass = "pass";$num = "0123456789";$rply = "456";$timer = "0";echo mb_detect_encoding($text);echo "<br />";if ($timer > 0) $timerStr = "<schedule><relative>" .$timer. "</relative></schedule>";else $timerStr = "";$postdataIn = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><sms command="submit" version="1.0"><account><id>'.htmlspecialchars($user, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8').'</id><password>'.htmlspecialchars($pass, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8').'</password></account> <attributes><validity type="relative" units="d">1</validity><notify type="0">[0-not_active OR 2-your_email@your_domain OR 4-your_http_address]</notify><reference>123</reference><replyPath>'. htmlspecialchars($rply, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8') .'</replyPath></attributes>'.htmlspecialchars($timerStr, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8') .'<targets><cellphone>'.htmlspecialchars($num, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8').'</cellphone></targets><data type="text">'.htmlspecialchars($text, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'UTF-8').'</data></sms>';$hostIn = "soprano.co.il";$portIn = "80";$pathIn = "/prodsms/corpsms";$postdata = $postdataIn;var_dump($postdataIn);echo "<br />"; doPost($hostIn,$portIn,$pathIn,$postdata); msg1 comes from form.The response is The message "Привет" is right. Why charset=ISO-8859-1 i don't know.
  13. The version of php is 5.2.13There are some more rows, but it doesn't matter.I spent to much time on this stupid problem.Thank you very much to everybody.
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