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  1. I did a search, but didn't really find anything useful.Someone designed a website for me built mostly in divs, and it's really giving me trouble.First off, everything on the page is in a containing div, and I can't figure out how to center it... As a follow up, if I center the containing div, shouldn't I be able to position the divs inside relative to their parent?
  2. Aha! Yes, that's what I was looking for. Thanks Ben.
  3. Hm. Not quite what I was looking for. The website I'm talking about isn't really for serious use. It's more like art. It creates an artistic representation of the DOM tree. (As an actual, growing tree.) I just always thought it was a cool little program. Especially since, after putting the url for your page, it actually grows right there. More of an animation, really.
  4. Name: AFMU.comPrice: Shared plans - Free/$3.95/$7.95Server side scripting(s)/database(s): Php 4.x/CGI/Perl/SQL (with phpmyadmin) and a bunch of other stuff.( Feature List ) These features are available in all of the packages, including the free one.Space: 500mb/5gb/10gbBandwidth: 5gb/250gb/500gbAds: None. (Unless you sign up for the affiliates program, which earns credits toward your bill.)Web adress: www.yourdomain.com (I believe they register the domain name for you, since you aren't redirected to another website to do this. Prices range from: 1-year-11.95 to 10-years-119.50)Additional Comments: This is the host I use. It's been great. The tech support always answers quickly and helpfully, I rarely experience downtime, and for a service which has no monthly fees (on my plan at least) it provides a ton of features. There are other packages for Businesses, as well as resellers.
  5. I saw a really cool website a while back that showed a graphical representation (with colors and everything) of your websites DOM structure. I was just wondering if anyone knew of that website or how I can find it. I cann't for the life of me remember where it was, and entering anything remotely related to DOM or DOM tree comes up with a bunch of articles.This particular website actually output the structure of your website as a real tree. It was a pretty cool animation.
  6. Thank you very much justsomeguy. That's EXACTLY what I was looking for.
  7. I can't echo the variable, because it's in a link that itself is in html. I did try echoing the blocks of html and that didn't work either. I don't get any errors, (except the error that says the page can't be found when I try to click the link, which happens for obvious reasons.) Success would be the variable $location being replaced (within the link) with whatever the name of the file is. (I set the variable at the head of each file.)
  8. I'm trying to use a menu over several different pages. So I put the menu into a txt file, replaced the links in the menu with this...$location.php?s=stuffAnd in each file I use it in, I define the variable as $location = "file". Conceivably this would make the link file.php?s=.. but it's not replacing the variable with its value.Here's the two bits of code, in case I did something wrong that I'm just not seeing. <?php include 'connect_string.txt'; if ($_GET['s'] == "") { $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM siymeha ORDER BY id") or die(mysql_error()); $r = mysql_fetch_array($result); } else { $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM siymeha WHERE header LIKE '$_GET[s]%'") or die(mysql_error()); $r = mysql_fetch_array($result); }?><?php $title="The Shattered Realms :: Siymeha - $r[header]" ?><?php include 'header.txt'?><?php include 'body.txt'?><div class="header">~ The History of Siymeha ~</div><div class="maincontent"> ---> PROBLEM PORTION ---> <?php $location = "siymeha"; include 'countrymenu.txt';?></div><div class="maincontent"> <?php echo "<div class='maincontent'>".$r['quote']."</div>"; echo '<h1>'.$r['header'].'</h1>'; echo $r['content']; echo "<br />"; ?></div><?php include 'footer.txt'?> <div class="topmenub"><a href="$location.php?s=Summary">Summary</a> | <a href="$location.php?s=History">History</a> | <a href="#">Map</a> | <a href="$location.php?s=Cities">Cities</a> | <a href="$location.php?s=Naming+Guidelines">Naming Guidelines</a> | <a href="$location.php?s=Culture">Culture</a><hr /></div>
  9. I use a similar script for my website, to send to more than one person. I just use the mail() function for each email I want to send it to.
  10. Aha. Thanks Mr Chisol. I'll give that a shot.
  11. EDIT: Slow server today. Posted three times... sheesh.
  12. Okay. That's still not what I'm looking for. Lemme try and explain in greater detail.I'm using this script for a dictionary, which basically has two pages. One that lists the words, and another page that lists the definition. That's fine. Except that I also have it set up so people can organize the words based on different criteria that I've built into the table.(Here. Take a look at the website. http://www.tsrealms.com/find.php )I want the script to change the sql query based on the GET, not on the query. Because each sql query looks in a different place.Basically, I want it to use one query if it's s=, and another query if it's letter=. What's on the otherside of the = doesn't matter so much as where the query is looking for it. Hope that makes more sense.
  13. Thanks for the info guys. Having read all that, I think I will stick to learning php.
  14. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the real difference between these two server languages. Is there any noticable difference? I looked through the ASP tutorial, and from what I can tell they both seem to do the exact same thing... Are there any benefits to using one over the other?
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