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  1. Personally, I'm always confused which CSS properties go with what HTML eleement. I think a good idea would be for it to list on the HTML element page what CSS properties apply to it.(sorry if this has already been suggested, if it's there and I haven't noticed it)
  2. I'm sure both of these have been asked a million times, but I'm too lazy to search cause you get a million results you don't want. So please answer these questions reasonably quickly, if you can (someone! anyone!!!).1. Is there any way to make links load in a new window using CSS? I'm using HTML 4.01 on a strict DTD which won't let me use the target"_blank" attribute for the <a> tag. And if theres no way using CSS, I know it can be done using javascript. In which case, could someone please give me the script.2. Is there any way to make selected text appear on one line (as in, wrap before
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