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  1. Because the form is a table there will be several rows of the same thing... so they will be duplicating one after the other, there will be several drop down menus with the same options but just on different rows.. several description fieldboxes on different rows, several quanity boxes on different rows and so forth..would you like me to email you the html document? might be easier to understand?
  2. Thank you,If i were to repeat this for several other rows would i duplicate the script and change the field names in the script to the appropriate fieldnames within the row?
  3. Cheers that works perfectly the description loads when i select the game but i also need to assign the price to the game so that it loads in the price field..any suggestionsThe price field is named "price"Cheers tho, took me ages to try and solve that...
  4. Cheers mate will try it out now...thanks
  5. Problem with shopping table...Im trying to build a shopping form..The table has four fields:-The first is a pull down menu named order code with 6 selections within it.The second is a description boxthe third a quantity fieldand the forth a price fieldThe problem im having is when i select an option from the drop down menu i want a description of the game to appear in the description field and the price to load into the price field.Ive set up an array which i want to load from when i make a selection from the pull down menu..Ive tried all sorts of things but cant seem to get the description to load into the text box..Does anyone know of a script or could help me solve this problem?The array i have is:- var Gamesdesc = gamesdesc(6); gamesdesc[0]"Civilization IV - Product ID - Civ5", gamesdesc[1]"Moscow '41 - Product ID - Mos41", gamesdesc[2]"Empire Earth II - Product ID - EmpEarII", gamesdesc[3]"Dungeon Seige II - Product ID - DunSeiII", gamesdesc[4]"Battlefield 2 - Product ID - BatFi2", gamesdesc[5]"Spacehack - Product ID - spahac", This is the pull down menu code <form name="main" method="post"> <div align="center"> <select name="Game" size="1" onChange='get_selected()'> <option value="0">Select Game </option> <option value="1">BatFi2 </option> <option value="2">Civ5 </option> <option value="3">Mos41 </option> <option value="4">EmpEarII </option> <option value="5">DunSeiII </option> <option value="6">SpaHac </option> </select> </div> </form> The form is called "main", the select tag is called "game" the description field name is called "desc" and the price field named "price"Any help would be greatly appreciated, as i kniw this should be straight forward, but cannot get it to work.. Thank you in advanceOwz
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