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  1. hi My back ground image does not want to showits should fill the hole page in one time i dont know what i do wrong i was looking at the CSS background prope w3shools page i did what it sayed but nothing happendsame thing for the header...could some one see whats i do wrongthanksCSS CODE: body{padding:0; margin:0; border:0;background-color: #fff;background: url ( testsite.jpg );background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position: 100% 100%;font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;font-size:.8em;color:#000;z-index:123;}#head {background-image: url (header.png);background-repeat:no-rep
  2. thanks i works perfect !now to change it in 20+ pages
  3. okay but how do i make it open on the place that i want it to bebecause this does nothing now i want it top open under tip of the daywhat tag should i use there in that div?
  4. i have a problem with were to put the <script type="text/javascript" src="xxx.js"></script> to make it work i want to put this script externa: <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!--var r_text = new Array ();r_text[0] = "Stay away from crystals";r_text[1] = "Skilling is smart";r_text[2] = "All hail OverLOAD";r_text[3] = "If you see inco, your already dead";r_text[4] = "Obey Shadow man";r_text[5] = "Vorpals are you friend";r_text[6] = "Dont stay on a worm hole";r_text[7] = "Kill Pikaboo";var i = Math.floor(8*Math.random())document.write(r_text
  5. jaylow

    First website

    this is my first site its fan site for a MMO game i am still updating it all the time because the game is just entered beta stage and there are lotsof updatesi use a lot of tutorials to experiment around please tell me what you thinkVisit My Website
  6. Site Name: Fleet-fan-siteSite Description: Fan site for a MMO in beta stage called fleetSite Owner/Developer: MeSite Address: Visit My WebsiteExtra Comments:first site i made, use lots of tutorials
  7. thanks for the help !
  8. how can i make a list in a list in the dl taghere you have a li in a li tag <ul><h1>Aliance's</h1><li> Aliance 1<ul><li> leader</li><li> app manager</li><li> general</li></ul></li><li> Aliance 2<ul><li>leader </li><li> app manager<ul> <li> recruit manager </li></ul></li></ul> and i want to put a <dt> tag in a <dt>how do you do that ?i am making a menu <dl> <dt><a class="nav" href="manual.html#action" title="Action
  9. can i do the same with a dl tag?and how?
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