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  1. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Sorry, there is a link on the page and you can also view it here: http://theroseland.co.uk/test/new/styles.css
  2. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Ok, I've now updated it here.The footer is now sorted but the right nav bar wont go above the bottom of the content box.Anyone know why this might be?Cheers
  3. feeta

    Layout Problem

    hmmm, still not been able to get it to work properly.
  4. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Yeah, they're not too bad - but that would be defeating the object. I like a bit of a challenge. lol
  5. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Yeah, you do need to use them, I'm just not quite sure how Yeah, I think I'm ok with the XHTML rules. I'm mainly just trying to get the layout to work at the moment and then I'll format the tags correctly once i've got it working.Cheers
  6. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Hi Dan,Thanks for your reply. I've updated the ID's to Classes and the stylesheet too. Thanks for that.What are the rules I'm meant to be following for XHTML? I know about the closing tags with a / etc but are there some obvious ones I've missed? Sorry if I'm being naieve, I'm not really up to scratch with the latest compliances etc.I cant figure out why the footer would be doing that. Tried all different positioning etc and still no luck. I've tried the float and clear tags too but to no avail.Thanks again for your help.Feeta
  7. feeta

    Layout Problem

    Hello,I'm currently trying to get my head around CSS and have run into a bit of a problem.I'm working on a very simple 3 colum layout here.I'm sure you'll be able to see the problem. The footer overlaps the 'right bar' when it should act as if it were either the left bar or the centre content (with the footer underneath - depending on which colum is longest)The other problem, I'm not sure whether it's solvable or not, is when the page is shrank right down to very narrow, the image in the center colum moves down and the content and content title of the centre section shrinks. What would be causing this?I've included a link to the CSS file on the page so you might be able to see the problemsAny help would be very greatly appreciated.Many thanks,feeta
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