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  1. Alright ive tried all sorts of combinations of setting the width and minwidth with percentages for both the div and the ul but it either doesnt do anything or it messes up the centering, i dont understand, if i set the div to be a certain width why cant i set the ul to be a certain width too within the div so that the div is just used for placement? It doesnt seem to work this way.
  2. Thanks, now when you make the window really narrow like on a phone the bullet points spill over the borders, how can i contain them like a normal paragraph?
  3. Please take a look, its live now but no one is really visiting it so its ok, i want to know how i get rid of that gap at the top and when you make the window really small how to make the bulletpoints fall within the borders instead of over.
  4. How do i apply that to the form? I tried making a div around it with display:block; margin: 0 auto;but it didnt center.
  5. Hi please take a look at my site, below is the code snippet in question i have to center my images since ive never had any luck with the css-html methods. The problem is because its set to wait for document.ready() sometimes it will place all my images to the right. Ive tried window.load() but the images center offscreen at smaller window sizes. It was also suggested i try <div style=" background: url('Assets/image.png') center center no-repeat; width: 100%; height: 500px; "> </div> but this causes it to lose responsiveness. Ive searched around and i cant find a solution, i ju
  6. Nm, im too impatient, i found a script that polls viewport size then matched that using the snipping tool, turns out they all report correctly using only the viewport. Here's the code if anyone wants: <script type="text/javascript"><!-- var viewportwidth; var viewportheight; // the more standards compliant browsers (mozilla/netscape/opera/IE7) use window.innerWidth and window.innerHeight if (typeof window.innerWidth != 'undefined') { viewportwidth = window.innerWidth, viewportheight = window.innerHeight } // IE6 in standards compliant mode (i.e. with a valid doctype as the fir
  7. Im using media queries min-height to create a responsive layout, but it just occured to me that im not entirely sure what part of the browser is considered, if it just the viewport, the viewport and toolbars, or the entire browser. I found a thread about someone having problems with queries in firefox 9 getting them to work at all, and someone left an interesting note: What are your experiences with this? .
  8. So you're saying that code for an element has to be placed above the element, because the code has to be loaded first? If that were so, then why does the 1st animation work without the function block around it? Yes i want the first animation to run, then i want to stop it after a set period and then have the 2nd animation pick up at that point.
  9. Im doing exactly that, it still skips it entirely. Ive even created a new page with just that in it, nothing. This doesnt make any sense. Here, put this at the bottom of the body, link it to an image and see for yourself, it just skips to the next animation. $(document).ready(function(){var timer = setTimeout("stopme()", 10000);$("#image").animate({top: 500}, 20000, 'linear'); });function stopme(){ $("#image").stop();}$("#image").animate({left:900}, 20000, 'linear') edit: it seems like the use of setimeout in the same block as the animation is causing the animation to be executed on the ti
  10. Were talking the difference between 30fps and 10fps here. For a media-only site thats pretty much like saying "certain users watch your movie with smudged glasses, you should remake your movie so that its visible through the smudges". Or better yet "i choose to move around in a wheelchair because im lazy, please build a large yellow ramp to your front door".
  11. um ok, what is ie.css? that doesnt tell me anything.
  12. Im using this slider on my page, and it causes the rest of the animations to stagger in ie8, havent tried it in the other ies. It seems to stagger a bit too by itself. http://pixelentity.com/previews/components/estro/
  13. Thats what i was going for, but when i wrap a function around the animation it just gets skipped and goes onto the next one. function stopme() {$("#image").animate({top: 0}, 40000, 'easeInSine'); }; I put this at the bottom of the body with the rest of the scripts. As soon as i remove the function block it works again.
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