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    Web Development, XHTML, PHP, SQL, Javascript, XML, XSL, DTD, SVG whatever i feel like really.<br /><br />Current Work: Web Development Network. Its Back Folks :D<br />Stage: Discussion, ForumS et Up - http://tinyurl.com/92pfe
  1. HeyJust a few things i think the Admins should consider:Cleraly define the General area. At the moment the General boards described as "Discuss w3schools" although it has become a place for everything that doesnt fit in anywhere else. I would suggest d is created called "General Web Development" and all non w3schools related subjects a moved there and just leave the General board for news and discussion about w3schools. This will give a better structure to the community.Personally i dont like rankings based on Post Count, i find in the later stages of a community it encourages spamming. INstea
  2. No Lynx is not Linux :)Lynx is a text based browser, there are several of them out there,As a general rule if your site cant be interpretted correctly by a text based browser then a screen reader wont be able to interpret it either.Chaos
  3. Unfortunatly Client Side Scripting Languages are not supported by all browsers, especially text based browsers like lynx. This means that people using these browsers wont be able to use the Javascript. If you want your site to use javascript, use it. But make sure that if Javascript was swicd off that your site ca still function, or provide a link to a text based version of the site.As for Basic HTML, its an old technology. Building a site with HTML is like building a wooden house. It will never be as strong as a brick house i.e. as XHTML. XHTML has the advantage of being structured so you can
  4. Hey EveryoneHere is an Article I wrote a few months ago on Accessibility. Hope you find it useful.WAI or Web Accessibility Initiative was set up by the W3C in order to provide guidelines and techniques for making webpages accessible to people with disabilites.The WAI guidelines are made up of three priorities. If you want your site to be available to everyone then it is important you at least comply with priority one.This article aims to provide basic techniques and checkpoints so you can start making your site accessible. I will write a longer and more indepth article at some point in the fut
  5. Chaos

    PHP forum code

    HeyActually the Best Forum Software around is Simple Machines Forum. Simply because its free, updated frequently, is very stable and secure. Alot of Developer Based communties use it and it is starting to gain in popularity.Only downside of Simple Machines is the lac of Developers working on Addons but im sure as its popularity grows so will its developer base.Chaos
  6. HeyIm going to be as constructive as i can be.....OK, first of all try to type in a legible sense, your post has several spelling mistakes and breaks several basic grammatical rules. If english isnt your first language perhaps consult another member before posting to check these things.Second, you seem to have very basic skills in all three areas that you claim to offer 'codes' for. Your HTML tutorial for example offered no explanations of the strucure of the syntax which is essential in teaching the language.The sites design needs to be worked on too, its very basic. I would suggest learning
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