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    Is this possible?

    Ok, then. I guess I will just have to hack my way out of it, using Scott's method. Perhaps swap images in certain situations.Thanks anyways guys!
  2. OK, I will trust you on that, for now... But I think I will have to test it some time. Then I will be shure to report back with my findings.Thanks again!
  3. Yeah, OK. But does each number have an equal chance of coming up?-And what if I want 0-333, can I just do Math.floor(Math.random()*334) ?...And thanks for answering!
  4. Yes.. the first line would of cause have to be y=document.getElementByID("name").style.height; sorry...
  5. RAZZ

    Is this possible?

    Hmm, yes. I have actually done that before. I guess I am hoping for a "cleaner" solution.Something like "showPixelsOutOfParent=no", or something.You get my drift
  6. Hi,I am having trouble working with the built-in math.random() function.What I need is a function that can return a good random number between two set values, or just 0 and a set value.So.. Does anyone have one?This 0-1 stuff is really confusing me.Thanks!/EDITOk, so now I have some code to go with the post. I would really appreciate some oppinions on weather or not this function will return "good" random numbers, and why - or why not. function rand(value){ return Math.round( Math.random()*100000 )%value;} Let the discussions begin..... Whadda ya say
  7. Jonas - Thanks alot, man! That was EXACTLY what I was looking for!justsomeguy- I guess Paint Shop Pro will have to wait for another time, but thanks anyway!
  8. I have a few additions to this.First of all, you don't need the variable x.You could just do this: y=document.getElementByID("name").heightif(y>23){//do something} But even so, you might mave an other problem. The y variable may not contain the objects height value as an integer, but rather a string with "px" added to it (like "200px", for example).If you get that problem, you can fix it like this: x=y.slice(0,y.length-2); This will shave the last two characters off the string, and ad the rest to the variable x (like "200", for example).Even so, you might still get the problem that x is
  9. Hi,First cosider this code: <div style="height: 200px; width: 200px;"><img Id="anImage" src="image.jpg"/></div> So let's say I move the image around with java script or something.Is it possible to only make the image show if it is inside the boudaries of the div?I mean, so I will only see half the image, if I move it half way out of the div?Thank you in advance.
  10. Hello again,I am wondering if it is possible to delete an object like, say, a div?If so - how?Thanks!
  11. Well, I don't have any personal experience with this, but this is what I would consider:1: What is the forum about? Who are the target users?2: Where do these people typically go, on the net and otherwise?3: What do you intend to offer them?4: Are these people already being offered the service you intend to provide? If so: What can you do better? Is your service really needed?5: Tell them about it! Use banner adds, posters, flyers, etc. to tell them what you have to offer.6: Provide the service you have promised. Be consistent and work for it. Take extra care when things are moving slow or don
  12. Thanks guys!Scott - thanks for the link. I downloaded a software called Saint Paint Studio from that page. It looked simple from what I could see in the screen shot.mpoer - yeah, I know (and like) GIMP, but it is a huge program with far too many features for my needs. I like the price, though :)If you know of a smaller program, please let me know.justsomeguy - I have heard Paint Shop Pro mentioned on many occations, but I have never tried it. Is it a large, complicated program or a small, simple one?
  13. Hi,I need a small drawing program, that can live up to the following:-Simple interface, maybe a bit like MS paint.-Can work with .png transparency.-Can properly encode .jpg (NOT like MS paint).-has a zoom function, at least 800%.-has a color picker.-has no spy-/nag-ware.A grid-fuction and a gradient tool would also be nice, but isn't required.So basicly I need a slightly better MS paint.I am not interested in a huge program like Gimp or Photoshop, since all the extra features tends to slow down the drawing process.Thank's in advance for any suggestions!
  14. Thanks alot guys. That's very useful info.Too bad the browsers don't work more directly with the DOM.
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