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  1. Hi all. I need to find a way to go from an array to an Excel file. I've found ways to go from a datagrid, but the data in this page is stored in an array with a table being drawn in the codebehind. If I need to fill a datatable (or something) with this array data, please help with that also. Any help is greatly appreciated!!~Christian
  2. I'm trying to come up with a way to check all reader data for NULL and change it to a string such as "None". But I don't want to have to add RunASub(CheckForNull(objReader("MyData")) to every database object. So what I'm thinking is adding something similar to Button.NullText = RunASub(objReader("MyData")) which will check for the NULL and return a string if instead of the reader if it's NULL. is this possible? is there already a simple way of dealing with this?
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    2 DataGrids

    i'm having trouble having 2 datagrids on the same page. if i have an edit column, how do i make the codebehind tell which datagrid i'm trying to edit? right now, if i click the edit button for an item on datagrid2, the appropriate index on datagrid1 will be the one chosen for editing.
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