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  1. Hi im still rather new to css but here is what I would like to do.On a webpage such as on the internet they all have a layout which every page follows and that's what I'm trying to achive.I started a webpage a few years ago that I just recently wanted to redo but the problem with it is that it contains so many pages and to go too each page to change the layout is rather tiresome so what I was thinking is too take the following code(Is the raw data of my page that every page contains will refine it) and use it as the layout for every page using css <html><body><body background="
  2. so there is no way at all not even maybe using different coding or taking the coding of the .exe file? I realy want know how. It got be possible
  3. how would i link a cookie which is used to save a online flash games data to a downloaded flash game so the flash game can read the save even when i play offline?
  4. Here is the coding i was given <object width="550" height="400"><param name="movie" value="somefilename.swf"><embed src="somefilename.swf" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="650" height="400"></embed></object>
  5. they do? Where can i find this? Sorry im a newbie but im wiling 2 learn. All help appretiated
  6. I'm trying to run a flash game on an html page but I'm having trouble getting it to excecute cause it seams be .exe format and not .swf which is suppose to work with the encoding I've got. Could somebody please help me with this. I am only a newbie. Will give coding in the morning. Using my phone and the text on my laptop
  7. Okay I need you to give me an example in text as I have no idea what you just told me. Use http://www.freeonlinegames.com/game/potty-racers.htmlThats the flash game i want to add in
  8. Okay what i mean is that i take a page like armoured games where you play online flash games but I just want to add the part containing the game in my html page. How would I do that if it is even possible
  9. How would i use a Iframe to only select part of a page like just the flash player box so that the rest doesnt show. please help me
  10. ok i know i never made myself clear in my first message. U c i have a homepage and other pages in othe folders that can be opened using the homepage but i want to create a link that will lead me back to the homepage which is not in the same folder that the page with the link is. I was thnkning of using the following hreff="Shortcut to Home Page.lnk" to load my home page. Would that work?
  11. i would like to know how to create a back link or if it is possible to use chortcuts in thye hreff="**" link as i would like to go out of a file that the document im on and into another file but the file address is not fixed. please help
  12. thanx but i have fixed the problem. I now just would like to know if it is possible to have two lings on the same line. One left aligined nd the other right aligned? And if so what should i use to get it to do so using the links i have above( you may edit them. I want to get it working right) thanx
  13. <html><body><body background="untitled.jpg"><p><a href="Age of Wars.html"><h1><p style="font-size:50px">Age of Wars</p></h1></a></p><p><a href="Phage wars.html"><h1><p style="font-size:50px">Phage wars</p></h1></a></p><p><a href="Rune Scape.html"><h1><p style="font-size:50px">Rune Scape</p></h1></a> </p><body></html>that is the code of my home page<html><body><body background="untitled.jpg"><a href="Ho
  14. Hi people im new here and would like to get some help with html. I have created 4 pages using html and one of them is the home page with a link to the othe 3. The problem is when i use the href tag that i used for the page links for my main page on my 3 linked pages i cant seam to get it to go back to the main page. It gives me a error on my browser telling me that there is a diagnostic problem. Please can somebody help me. Thanx
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