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    <xs:simpleType name="MyFormattedDate"> <xs:restriction base="xs:String"> <xs:pattern value="(([0-9]){2}/){2}[0-9]{4}" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpleType>This element whill only allow xx/xx/xxxx with x = any number<xs:element name="RecID" type="MyFormattedDate" />
  2. Hey,I'm trying to describe a database structure in xml, so I thought xml Schema was the perfect standard to folow.Now I want to add more then just the standard tags to the schema. As for example: wich fields my full text search program should index.., Or wich fields should be shown in the detail of a record.How can I do that? (While still have a valid xsd?)Or should I just add some attributes and not care wheter it is a valid xsd?mvg
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