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  1. Ok, so I have started a fight about XML, what I wanted to know wasDo I study vb.net before xml or do I do xml before vb.net. I don't want to be in the middle of vb.net and realise that I actually needed xml.I really need your guy's help. I will do PHP and stuff like that later, I know absolutely nothing about programming, so I'll take baby steps.
  2. Hi thereI have registered for my MCAD awhile ago, but at last I have registered to write my SQL Exam. Any tips would be welcome.My main concern is this. Now that I am completing SQL, what should I do next, the vb.net web apps or the XML. I know that they all take hands, but I don't want to do vb first and then realise too late that XML should have been first.I am a complete newbie to programming and I am still a bit overwhelmed with the SQL material, but I am getting there. I have done HTML and CSS though, so I am not a complete nut .I need all the help I can get as I need to get all this done before 15 Feb 07.Thanks TJ
  3. Hi thereI am busy with a HTML Project and would like to put a dropdown menu on top of a flash movie by using CSS. What I want to do is, make a div that floats on top of the graphic like a image map and when I hover over it my dropdown would appear. I have a 600x800 site that displays in the middle of the browser window that is 1024x768, so that when you resize the window the middle re-adjusts. My basic question, how do I make a div float on top of the flash movie by using CSS
  4. Thank you very much for this it works perfectly.But one step further, say I am using my center div as the container and it is centered, but I want to use the child pic as the background and the childdiv as the body text, how would I position the text on top of the bg, we learnt about z-index, but as I understand it is going to override the container.Don't be nasty
  5. Hi there I am new to this forum and CSS. Could someone please help me. I want to create a containing Div that "floats" in the middle of the page and when you resize the size of you browser the container will reposition itself and keep its width.I basically want to create a Div tag instead of the 1 cell table with 800 width and the body has a center align. I have tried and tried, but can't seem to get it right.My second question is that now that I have created and positioned the center Div tag, now I want to place a picture or other div tag inside and place it on a specific location and has to move with the center Div.This would help me a lot I have contacted my trainer regarding this, but he says it can only be done with tables.
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