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  1. Hi I'm trying to figure out how to position two tables on a single page. Basically I want one table a gap and then a second table underneath the first. Problem is if I try and have a second table it appear to the right of the first table and not underneath. I can't seem to find the trick to force the second table below the first.

  2. Hello, I'm a novice at HTML so chances are I'm not doing this the correct way. What I want to do is have an image on the page either flip from one image to another, or prefrably have an image appear where there was no image before when I hover over the link. I've added this to a link.<tr><td class="links"><a href="StartPage.html" onMouseOver="document.pic1.src='index/Earth.gif'" onMouseOut="document.pic1.src='index/health.gif">Health Stuff</a></td></tr>The image.....<td class="peek"><center><span ><img name="pic1"></SPAN> </center></td>I see a change when I onMouseOver but no change onMouseOut.What am I doing wrong?

  3. I'm an absolute novice to HTML & scripting so if this is a dumb question please bare with me.I've had a go at doing my first web page and have included a couple of small scripts to add the date automatically and flip a couple of images. ( simple cut 'n' paste I didn't write em, just found em)http://www.rigger.f2s.com/I've put my scripts in a seperate *.js file.Thing is every time I goto the page windows XP popup blocker triggers. I know that is supposed to detect scripts and nasties, but is there a way to have scripts do stuff on the site and not have it go off?

  4. Thanks Nick I'd almost given up on getting a reply.Having read a little, I'm not sure that it is the way I should go. PHP appears to be a content management language and as yet I don't really think I'm up to the task or it's quite what I want.This is my first attempt at a web page for myself, just a learning exercise more than anything. All I really wanted was to be able to do was flip a few images and add the time and date automatically. Java script will do much, much, more than I can take in at the moment. I really just wanted a way to not set off XP's popup blocker. Which just irritates me, and I guess anyone visiting the site.Here's my fledgling page. most of the links are dead as yet apart from the Health one.http://www.rigger.f2s.com/Thank you for time it's much appreciated.

  5. Thx for the help.I've been thinking about having a little try at PHP for some time, even been out and bought a book this weekend! I'm pretty sure my web provider already has PHP & MySQL enabled.Would you be good enough to take a little look?http://www.freedom2surf.net/help/webhostingtechfaq.phpAlso PHP appears to be significantly more complex to set up. What would I need at my end? I've down loaded this free PHP editor. http://www.mpsoftware.dk/And it seems more than man enough for the job, in fact way above my head at this time.I assume if I start to use PHP then all the clever stuff happens server side, so the popup blocker never gets triggered?Oh one last thing, can you use PHP to switch and image on a mouseover event? At the moment I use a bit java script to do that.Sorry to throw this lot back at you, but all this stuff is way new to me. The problem is when your starting out is. You don't know, what you don't know, if that makes sense.Thx anyway.

  6. Hello all, I'm new to this forum and an absolute novice at using HTML.I've added a tiny bit of java script to my html code to automatically add the date.Thing is now every time I access the page Windows XP popup blocker tell me it's detected a script within the page. I know thats what it is supposed to do! but is there a way to have automated date, time, etc. within a page without setting it off every time I visit the page?Oh I've put the scripts in a seperate *.js fileSorry can't type either, WinXP Blocks :)

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