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  1. Cause i ve tried the things that i found on the internet but they didnt work....... HELP
  2. I want to put a background music in my blog, 1 or more MP3 s. Not midi. But i cant find an html code that works and a site to upload 1-2 mp3s and copy the link address to the html code. I ve heard that there are some kind of mp3 players in html, which u can add to ur template code. Can anyone help me please?
  3. I ve read the html lay out and i didnt find what i want even in the example.... Thanx anyway
  4. Yeah, i know how to make appear a heading, i just dont know how to make it be in the place i want, like when we want to find a place in the map, the exact position. I dont know how to explain it
  5. I mean, i want to define the place that a headline will be. I dont know how I m a begginer Thanx
  6. I ve read that it is illegal to use a midi file, for example, for backround music on ur site. I just was surprised to find out that it is illegal to use music on the internet, even if u wont have any profit at all. I tried to find some ways to put some kind of music on my blog, but i guess that i ll turn its name to "the silent blog". It s a pity, I wanted it so much...
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