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  1. dave

    Password value

    Thanks! And does anyone have any encrypted text for me to hide the password in to make it harder?
  2. how do you save a css file? with blahblahblah.css ?
  3. dave

    Password value

    Oops. I noticed that when i wrote value it was missinterperated. What i meant was how do i set the correct password so that when you hit 'Enter Password' it will take you to my other page.
  4. dave


    Yeah i have a similar problem with figuring out how to value my password and how to link the correct password to an href.
  5. dave

    Password value

    Alright hers my delema: I'm building a password application to test my friends to see if they can crack the code. When they crack the code i want it to go to the second similar but harder application. I know some desent html and i'll show you the code i already have: <html><body><body bgcolor="lightblue"><h1 align="center"> Daves Password challenge.<form>Password: <input type="password" name="password" <value="1jkh34k"> </form><form><input type="button" value="Enter Password"></form><form> Thats the code i have but im not sure if i made the value for my password correctly. So if you can tell me were and how to input the href i would be thankful.
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