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    Password value

    Thanks! And does anyone have any encrypted text for me to hide the password in to make it harder?
  2. dave

    hi can any one help me

    how do you save a css file? with blahblahblah.css ?
  3. dave

    Password value

    Oops. I noticed that when i wrote value it was missinterperated. What i meant was how do i set the correct password so that when you hit 'Enter Password' it will take you to my other page.
  4. dave


    Yeah i have a similar problem with figuring out how to value my password and how to link the correct password to an href.
  5. dave

    Password value

    Alright hers my delema: I'm building a password application to test my friends to see if they can crack the code. When they crack the code i want it to go to the second similar but harder application. I know some desent html and i'll show you the code i already have: <html><body><body bgcolor="lightblue"><h1 align="center"> Daves Password challenge.<form>Password: <input type="password" name="password" <value="1jkh34k"> </form><form><input type="button" value="Enter Password"></form><form> Thats the code i have but im not sure if i made the value for my password correctly. So if you can tell me were and how to input the href i would be thankful.
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