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  1. Thank you Little Goat & boen robot for ur suggestions. I have searched all over the net,but could get only one solution : <meta HTTP-EQUIV="Pragma" content="no-cache" />But this works offline,but same prblm online.I think this will be a prblm for ever.thank you for replying
  2. Hi, Iam able to display/edit XML files through HTML.but when i edit,i have to refresh the page 2-3 times to see the updated values. y? Is this a cache problem? & can it be resolved through coding? Plz explain & give the code for resolving this problem.
  3. Hi, Iam an XML newbie here. I have a XML file & can display it contents using XSL file. Now what i want to do is show all elements & 2 of the elements in textboxes & allow the user to edit these and on submiting this form, update those elements in XML file,& again display all these elements. When dispalying the elements in textboxes how do i name them(textboxes),so that on submitting the form i can update the XML file. Pls clarify.Thanks in Advance.
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