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  1. I would like to do it on java. I posted here on java script by mistake:sThis is what I have:http://www.techwatch.co.uk/forums/90951-na...00-v0-10-a.htmlThanks for your quick anwser.
  2. Hi.I am new at javascript and I don't know if what I want to do is with javascript.I have a web interface page that allows me to connect through http to a sattelite tv receiver. and what I do trough there is that I am able to change the channels from my computer. Basically what I do is to enter the satelive receiver(dreambox) ip adress and I enter the login and password and I can get a remote control to change channels and do a lot of other stuff.What I would like to do is a simple programme that would allow me to change channels and volume P+, P-, V+, V-, ON/OFF, but on java.my question is ho
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