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  1. ok ive played around with it and come up with the same result.When i click send it shows the display msg then opens up outlook to send the email from the users account, can i just send the information in the form straight to my email account?
  2. Prodgers

    id & name

    as far as i know "name" is being deprecated to be replaced by "id".
  3. Hi guys,I am currently running a website and i have made a Profile page for people to submit their profiles. When i click submit it will display a confirm box asking if they would like to submit. If 'ok' is clicked then i want to form to auto email to the webmaster email. I am stuck at the point where when they click submit it will only get it to open up outlook so they person has to send the email manually.here is my code for the <form> tag (Still havernt changed alert box to confim box).<form onsubmit="alert('Thank-You for Submitting you Profile!')" action="mailto:webmaster@ogkrc.c
  4. ok i have played around with it for 10 minutes with sizes and that and it all works fine! thanks guys you can see my site here http://www.prodgers.cjb.net the images i did are on the home page.
  5. thanks for the help i'll give it a go tomorrow when i have access to my pages, and i'll let you know how i go.
  6. Hi guys, i'm new here.When i open a link in a new window, in this case an image as the link, then how do i control the height and width of the new window? or cant i do this with html?Any help is good help. Thanks
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