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  1. Hello guys,Do you know good free php hosting?i searched in Google and found some, but i prefer to use one recommended by you.Best Regards
  2. Hello,in php5 we use iconv to encode characters, but in php4 it seems there is no such function, how to encode characters in php4?i found this after i tried to encode characters on my hosting server which works on php4 only.
  3. iam reading a utf8 encoded xml file and show it's data in a php page encoded this way <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1256" /> the extracted text from the xml file is not appearing correctly since there is a differenece in the encoding.how to encode the extracted content from the xml file again to the charset i want ?
  4. hello iam writing a php script and want to it perform it's expected job faster.the script give a sequence of orders to run a function. function some_work($x){ //do $x job;}some_work(7625);some_work(8432);some_work(762545);some_work(843254);some_work(7542625);some_work(65428432); can i run these functions in a multithread mode to get faster execution ?know how ?
  5. I found that scrolling images in normal <marquee> tag horizontally is causing the images not to appear correctly.Though Google i found alot of ready build tools to do that scroll using javascript, but i want some tutorial to learn doing this since there is alot of customization to a ticker that i want to build.Any one can guide me ?
  6. i have sql records contain arabic words ,i build a search page in my web site to let users search for specified arabic words in Database records using SQL LIKE .results coming from such statement contain the needed results with extra unneeded ones.i thought because of the different Language and Encoding the sql statement return the unneeded results.can i bring needed results only with specifying the encoding the sql statement or something like this ?
  7. if i have many mp3 files on a hosting server,is there a way to run an internet radio station by letting site visitors to play that files ?or run audio streaming ?any body got information to tell how to start an internet radio ?is it possible on a hosting server ?
  8. using Google Analytics i found that visits from Google to my web site decreased in scary way since 10 days .iam running a forum which is built by me from a to z similar to VBulletini wrote a page called "post.php" to show threads in the forum with title derived from a database with meta-tags , this page used to get listed in google results to bring visitors to the web site , i change the thread title always when i find that editing title will help in SEO , could it be that Google considered changing page title is illegal way to get better ranks for threads so Google stopped showing post.php in search results ??
  9. The Error is a result of temporary freezing as mentioned above
  10. iam sure alot of you faced this problemif you start many AJAX requests in any pagethe browser might give you an error message and closeor you may feel the browser out of control and you have to wait till it complete sending or receiving data via AJAXmaybe i use classic AJAX requestsiam developing chat page using ajax, you can imagine how many times users will get erroror get their browser closed
  11. solving this issue may help webmasters who use hosting plans that don't support cron jobsfor example you want some code to run every 15 min's and your control panel does not support creating cron jobsthis code may do some sorting in database for examplei solved this by calling some function when some page get requested in my web sitebut i discovered running the sorting code slow down the view of the requested pagei solved this again by forcing the client's browser to call php page that contain the sorting code using ajax requestwith out having to wait a result from the AJAX requestbut i cannot depend on client's browser every time,maybe that page contain alot of AJAX requests and adding new request may slow down the view or cause an error in the browser.
  12. what is the way to run functions that do not stop or slow the execution of rest php code .in other words : call a function in php page and continue execution the php code below the call statement , while the function is running ( concurrent running ).i solved this using AJAX call but you know this depend on the client's actions when client ask for a page .
  13. fade the image inthen fade out
  14. iam aiming to add php Ajax chat in my web site ,,i use one database of 5 available by the hosting planand this chat system need 2 more tables in the databaseand these 2 tables will suffer from high trafficbecause chat clients will keep send Ajax requests every 5 secondsto get new posts in the chat table .i was thinking about creating another database for that 2 tablesso it can decrease load on the old main databasebut this will require reading from the 2 databases to get chat clients nameswhich stored in the databaseis it better to keep the new 2 tables in the main database to keep it fasthence i will keep running queries depending on the main Database and it will remain in server RAM and no other Database will reserve space in the RAM
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