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  1. himler

    Strip html?

    read:Strip HTML tags from a string using regular expressionshttp://weblogs.asp.net/rosherove/archive/2...05/13/6963.aspx
  2. himler

    CSS for fonts ?

    Use size em % or em , not use px in CSS
  3. in html ? Use <center> <body> ............................ </body></center>
  4. himler

    CS5 vs CS3

    Nor thought so different, but is personal, always prefer the interface that we are accustomed. I prefer Cs3.
  5. Remember to validate your code as a first step http://validator.w3.org/ Then it is important to see your site in IE7, IE8 and the new IE9 that presents few problems with cssOuvirLer foneticamenteDicionário - Ver dicionário detalhado
  6. himler

    Advice Me Please

    Creating a news portal based on PHP / MySQL 1. º Step - Creating and preparing the database (MySQL) Start by creating a database dedicated to this tutorial. For example, named news if you are already in the MySQL client, type the following: create database news; Therefore, open the database created: use news; Now is to create a table to record their stories. You can follow the example below, superprático: CREATE TABLE news ( id int (5) NOT NULL auto_increment, name char (30) NOT NULL, surname char (30) NOT NULL, city char (50) NOT NULL, state char (2) NOT NULL, email char (80), date date NOT N
  7. I never believed this story of unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic much less. Everything is limited!
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