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  1. Ok, thanks, that is working now, only one more problem, how do I get it to align right?I thought there must of been some way to do it, its just not documented very much!
  2. I am using this line of code now, but im not sure whether I have put it right or not:<td width="77" background-repeat: repat-y;="rightbg.gif"> It doesnt seem to do anything at all now, it just doesnt display a background now?Sorry for an inconvenience!
  3. Hi,I was creating a website a while ago, and I had an image that I needed to go down the right side of my page, obviously because the size of my page would change I set the image to a certain size and then made it the background of a cell, the problem only occured when I realised that the image would repeat both left and right as well as up and down.Does anyone have any suggestions pelase on how to make an image only repeat up and down and not left to right?
  4. If you are trying to change the actual link colour then you will need to use some styles and class' it is best to create a style sheet for this, so...Create a notepad document and save it as stylesheet.css, then insert this:a:link {color:"blue"; text-decoration:"none"}a:visited {color:"blue"; text-decoration:"none"}a:hover {color:"green"; text-decoration:"underline overline"}a:link.2 {color:"blue"; text-decoration:"none"; font-weight: "bold";}a:visited.2 {color:"blue"; text-decoration:"none"; font-weight: "bold";}a:hover.2 {color:"green"; text-decoration:"underline overline"; font-weight; "bold";}a:link.3 {color:"black"; text-decoration:"none"}a:visited.3 {color:"black"; text-decoration:"none"}a:hover.3 {color:"green"; text-decoration:"underline overline"}a:link.4 {color:"red"; text-decoration:"none"}a:visited.4 {color:"red"; text-decoration:"none"}a:hover.4 {color:"green"; text-decoration:"underline overline"} into your notepad file, these are justexample of different class' you can use as many of them as you like, but first you must put a link in you html document in between the head and body, this is what you should put: </head><LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"><body> That is just a snippet, now come the fun part, when inserting a link, it will have a structure like this:<a href="url">Link</a>The first 3 lines of the stylesheet control any links like this, then if you want other links you must give them a class like this:<a class="2" href="url">Link</a>The class name in the quotes needs to be the same as it is in the style sheet.As for your problem with not getting the table background right, I would use IE or Firefox as the other person says.Hope this has helped, I will be willing to explain anything nore thoroughly if you need.
  5. Ok, thanks, I just thought maybe instead of using it on every page I might be able to just add it to my style script.Anyway, never mind
  6. This is really simple when you know how to use tables...You might like to use the code below:<table width="100%" border="1"><tr height="size in percent or pixels"><td colspan="2">This is you banner.</td></tr><tr height="size in percent or pixels"><td colspan="2">Insert you links here, try using center and seperating you links with this "|" and add some if you need to.</td></tr><tr><td width="30%"><table border="1"><tr><td>Navigation, you also may like to use the valign to set the alignment of text. I have nested this table inside a cell of my original table, it just makes things easier.</td></tr><tr><td>This is other links and aflicates.</td></tr><tr><td>This is your Shoutbox.</td></tr></table></td><td width="70%">This is where the main body and content of your site should be</td></tr><tr><td>This is an edit, I forgot to add the Contacts cell!</td></tr></table> It really is as simple as that, you may like to use the cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" and border="0" if you want content in the cells to join up from one cell to another exactly, put those codes in the <table> tag like this: <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0"> I have tested this code, and it works for me, so I hope it works for you, good luck!
  7. Hi,I just though I would post a bit about myself on this topic, my names Edward, I don't mind being called Ed or Eddie either.I joined this forum a while ago, and I think it is great, because replies are always sent really quickly and they have never been wrong yet. So a big thanks to everyone that has every helped me at all on one of my topics and I would also like to say to who ever actually develops and updates these forums that the new Reply box is great.I havent really got much more to say so, I will finish here.
  8. Hi all!I have just found a really cool transitiolnal effect on opening or closing a page, it is as follows:<meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.5)">All you have to do is place this in the head of your page and set Page-Exit or Page-Enter and the set the duration, but I have come across a slight problem, does anyone know how to place this in a style script, to avoid having to add this to every page?I would be really grateful if anyone can help me.
  9. Thanks, that has worked, I didn't see that bit their, because it said you didn't need to change the code below it, so I never thought to look there.About changing the vertical alignment, I have decided that if I make the news fadder one line thick, then I wont matter, unless someone is viewing the website in a smaller browser or lower reselution.
  10. Also, when I add it to my website, I would like it to have no border, I have tried to use this:var border='0'but that doesn't work, so I tried this...var border='#000066'but niether does this, does anyone know how to change it?
  11. Thanks, the first one works, but the second one doesn't, I have tried using the word center instead of middle, but that doesn't work either.Does anyone else know how to get this to work?
  12. Thank's this works a treat, but I cant seem to change the alignment of the text inside it, I have tried to do it by going into this tag:<div style="font: normal 14px Arial; padding: 10px;"> ...and then adding this code, but it doesn't work? valign: center; align: center So the final code looked like this <div style="font: normal 14px Arial; padding: 10px; align: center; valign: center;"> Could anyone helpp me on this one?
  13. Hi,I would like to add a fading news bar to my website, so that it displays sereral different strings of text, each disappearing before the next appears.Does anyone know how I can do this, but is there a way of doing it without server side program?I would also want to be able to use links in it.An example of what I would want to display I have included below:Text String 1:New, guestbook page added 07 May 05Test String 2:New, easy to navigate back buttons included on most pagesText String 3:Visit our new links page to view more website on this topic
  14. Hi,I had the same problem, and these are some codes that I used to fix it:<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="mailto:your email?subject=subject of email Post" ENCTYPE="text/plain"> This code will post all the data submitted by the viewer to your email, and if you set the subject, you can create a rule on your mail program, to make it go to a certain folder when recieved. It is avisable to note that this code will only work for viewers that have an email program, for it to send an email on their behalf, if not then I advise that you include this code aswell, it is just a simple mailto code with a subject and message in the body of the email, which the viewer can change to then send to you. <a href="mailto:your email?subject=subject&body=this can have upto 30 words">Click Here</a> This is also another bit of really nifty code that sends the user to a Thank-you page once they have submitted there post, but it must be noted the even if the post has not been submitted properly it will still send the user the Thank-you page. <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit Post"onclick="window.location='Link to your thank-you page';"> I hope this has helped you out, becuase it certainly help me!
  15. Wow, you are a complete genius, if only you knew how long I have been trying to get this to work.Thankyou ever so much, I can do so much more stuff now, obviously there is the drawback that was mentioned by some about they might not have an email program and also, even if it didn't work it would still say thankyou, post has been recieved.But... don't you just think it is so much nicer when you have filled out a form for it to say Thank-you?With Many Thanks Edward.P.S. Gee, im glad I signed up to these forums.
  16. Hi,I have made a form on my website that allows users to submit information to a guestbook, it sends me an email with the information they have submitted, then I will manually add it to the guestbook so I can moderate it.How do I create a Thank - You page for it to go to when the user clicks Submit Post?This is the code for the form...<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="mailto:shapemakingclub@btconnect.com?subject=Guestbook Post" ENCTYPE="text/plain"><table border="0" width="100%"><tr><td height="40"><font size="2">Name / Nickname:</td></tr><tr><td height="40"><INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="Guests Name" SIZE="30"></td></tr><tr><td height="40"><font size="2">Post:</td></tr><tr><td><script type="text/javascript"><!--var pcount = 0;var ncount = 0;// --></script><TEXTAREA NAME="Guests Post" ROWS="10" COLS="120" style="font-family: arial;" onfocus="if (pcount == 0) {this.value='';} pcount++;">Add Your Message Here.</TEXTAREA></td></tr><tr><td height="40"><center><INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Submit Post"> <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="Clear Post"></center></td></tr></form></table>Please can someone help me out, because I can't use CGI scripts. Many Thanks Edward
  17. Ok thanks very much for the advice, I have signed up to Awardspace.Does anyone know if they send you a confirmation email?-----------Edward
  18. I am having exactly the same problem, I used this code:<FORM "action="mailto:My Email">When I reasearched this more, I found out that this html tag is now obsolete, this means that I have to use CGI scripts. So I found the right script, that would mail to me, and also display a thank-you page. This was really good I thought.So I went through the tutorial, uploaded it, changed the file permissions and everything on Cute FTP. Then I tried it and it gave me a 500 internal server error. I though not to worry, because there was a debugging section and it was my first go.I spent ages tryig to check everything, then I found out that the free web hosting that I have won't allow me to use CGI scripts? This is because you have to pay for an extra service to allow you to have a "cust-bin" on there server.This really annoyed me, are there any other methods to accept information from visitors to your website?Please help me I really would love to get this working with a thank-you page without having to pay for anything.Can anyone help?? PLEASE!!!With Many Thanks Edward
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