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  1. I know but I don't like the sounds of trying to do what I am trying to do using CSS. It sounds very confusing the only thing that I am using CSS to do at the moment is to set fonts and headings and hyperlinks etc. I suppose I could try CSS based layout but how hard would it be with the layout that I have got?
  2. Dear AllI am having great trouble with a HTML Table layout on a website that I am creating. I have one table that has a row across the top that is 100% width and has a column span of 3. Then the next row has 3 columns, one that is 15% one that is 70% and one that is 15%. In side the three cells there are the navigation table the main page table and also a blank table for the side panel. These are all set to 100% so they fill the cells that they are in.The main table described with top row and 3 other columns is set to 100% width.Now for some reason unbeknown to me when I add content to sub tables or nested tables it starts changing the width of the columns in the main table. I can't for the life of me work out why.Any help would be much appreciated and if anyone wants any code or screen grabs etc. please do not hesitate to ask, I just didn't want to post more than was needed.Kindest Regards EdwardEdit: Just a quick note, this view okay in resolutions above 1024 by 768, I am trying to get it to work in 1024 by 768. All content of nested tables is the right size to ensure that it is not stretching things etc.
  3. Try this code instead... <img alt="dalada maligawa" src="images/maligawa.jpg" height="180" width="300">
  4. As I say, if you tell me the folder sturcture then I will be able to help you. So for example, you have index.html in your root, and then images in a folder named "images" etc.
  5. How would I get it to display a random quote in a table, every time the page loads though, it doesn't matter about it reloading every week, I think I was trying to make it a bit too complicated.
  6. I am using 6 and like you say, I can view all of the navigation etc. but none of the images in the main page?
  7. To be honest I dont think there is any way of working out all of the pixels within a polygon other than just doing each one manually. Maybe try looking for something on the internet, possibly that might do it for you?
  8. I need to know how your files are sturctured, before I can help you any further really.
  9. Try this code instead... <img alt="dalada maligawa" src="images/maligawa.jpg" style="height: 180px; width:300px; float:left;"/> I think the problem was the forward slash before the images folder. That is assuming that you index page is in the root and you images are in a folder called images within the root?
  10. I have a CGI bin where I upload to, so I don't have a problem with that, but where would I go from here? Im really confused? I also can put the list of quote in whatever form is needed, where do I go next?
  11. Oh, I think I understand! You need it to respond with a certain thing that only a script can do, when a user hovers over certain pixels? Kind of like an image map but more interactive?Im sorry, my knowledge of image maps ceases after linking to a page from clicking on a certain area.
  12. Ok, that sounds more like my sort of region of expertise, but please could you post a sample code for me that I could edit to suit? Bearing in mind I am only using HTML, possibly CSS if needed and JavaScript that is embedded into the HTML file if needed.
  13. I am struggling to try and understand what you are trying to do. If you are making an image map then you will need to know the coordinates of the area that you want to be a map.To do this open the image in a photo editting program, it can be as simple as MS Paint, when you hover your mouse over the pixel, it tells you its exact posistion usually in the bottom right hand corner. If you are using a rectangle shape, take the coordinates of the top left and the bottom right of the rectangle.Does this answer your question?
  14. That code appears to be correct, but I know mailto is not preferred these days as it only works with a few people apparently. That owuld be the code that I would use.
  15. I don't quite get what you mean. Do you mean that you have an image map and if a user selects a pixel you want it to tell you remotely which pixel they selected?
  16. I get what you mean, and I had the funny feeling that it would be complicated, so is it possible to get it just to choose a quote randomly from the list when the page loads or reloads?
  17. Dear AllI haven't been online for ages now, but I was just having a look at my website and realised how out of date it is! The quote of the week hasn't been updated for over a year I think. Because I already have more than a years worth of quotes I was wondering if it were possible to create some sort of code or something that randomly picks one every week at say 00.00.01 on Monday every week?I have all of the quote on one page at the moment but these can be compiled into whatever form needed.If possible would I be able to have it never pick one that has already been chosen until they had all been picked? That is if it doesnt make it overerly complicated, because I just have no idea of where to go!Regards Edward
  18. No problem, it is a pleasure to have been a help.
  19. Tables are really simple when you get the grasp of them, for a table that you want, I would use some coding like this: <table><tr><td>Your Name</td><td>Form Element</td></tr><tr><td>Email Address</td><td>Form Element</td></tr><tr><td>Message/Post</td><td>Form Element</td></tr></table> All you have to remember is that you open and close the table using this code:<table></table>To start or end a new row, use this code:<tr></tr>And finally to make a cell within the row use this code:<td></td>Also you can use the <th></th> tags to create a heading for your table, but I never use these, I just make the cell span more than one column.
  20. This is because the web browser is trying to use HTML colours, I think there are 255 or something, this means that when gradients are produced when using coding it will make them up using only websafe colours.If you make your gradients using images, and link to them, then it will not change them, however, if your image has too many colours in them and someone is using a VGA monitor the colours may dither.This is the same for your links, it is changing them to websafe colours, I think this may be because of the DOCTYPE that you are using but I can't be sure of it.
  21. I really dont see why you would want to add hidden DIVs in your code, to make your site listed on more search engines. Most search engines will look for <meta> tags that are placed in the <head> of your code. They will also look for what is actually in the content of the site, so unless you are trying to get your site published on search engines under incorrect keywords I dont see the point.Also one point to note that I found out a while ago is that if your site uses a table layout, you are less likely to get high hits on search engines. As tables are used to display data, if your site uses a table layout, search engines will see your site as lots of data and no information, hence they will put you lower down on search results.
  22. So DHTML isn't actually a language? It is just a combination of HTML, Javascript and CSS?If so I never knew that!
  23. It is hard to give code that will be of any use, unless you post a link to the page you are working on and or preferably the code that you are using. I will then try to help you as much as I can.
  24. If you want a clickable line, then your best bet is to take a print screen of the <hr> tag, then open it in paint or some other image editing program, then crop just a small bit of it out. Save this image, upload it and link to it within your link code, for example: <a href="myfirstpage.html"><img border="0" width="??" src="mypic.gif"></a> Then the image will be stretched to the appropiate length, and will look like a <hr> and be a link!You may like to make the width a percentage, then it will always display correctly on anyones PC.This may not be the best way of achieving what you want, but it should certainly work!
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