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  1. well I am trying to program a very small web server.... for a website.... again I am opened minded... I just installed WAMP on my laptop so I believe I am set on the programs needed...
  2. ok so the IT guy just refered me to wamp and so far so good... but one problem... I only know HTML and allittle Java script... he also gave me a book called Active Server Pages 3.0 in 21 days.... and so far its teaching me to use microsoft web server... well I have wamp.... anyways im so confused on what im doing i am trying to start a minor small server on my Toshiba Satellite C655 64-bit... Yes I do know its not the ideal computer to do it on but its all I got ATM.... but my problem is... is learning how to do this... so far the w3 schools (and im sorry to say this) have been no help to me but I am still looking into it... please some one help me... i would like to use Asp but my mind is open and I am ready to learn...
  3. KaltyRulz


    ok so I am going to get started on learning PHP.... any suggesetions other than the w3schools? (because thats where I am learning from)
  4. yes so i do have 8... this is a brand new toshiba laptop thanks
  5. Wow thank you so much!!! My girlfriend will LOVE this!!! thank you I will get started now.... but a couple questions.... 1. how can you tell what IE version you have? because I dont think i have five i may have a later version if there is one ###### I have no clue haha
  6. So I know basic html and slowly getting to know a very tiny amount of script.... I want to expand but I have no clue where to start! My only resource was this website for html and then the school web page design book for the tiny script code and html but the book was for dreamweaver so not much help there.... any sugestions? I want to also learn java script because I am also going to start learning how to code computer games with my girl friend! Main thing is I want to learn as much as possible... im in no hurry either though it would be nice for some messages or replys to start me off on the right track. :)Thanks for your time -Kyle (Karl) Altman
  7. Full name: Kyle AltmanAlternative name(s): Karl (is my nickname in theater at school)Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 30/06/1994Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: CancerCountry of residance: USACity of residance: VancouverHeight: 5Ft 6inchesWeight: 130 Last time i checkedEyes: silverish,blueishHair: red... but fading Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: happy to quit all of those things since 12/17/2011 and I feel GREAT!Favourite Music: Heavy metal...some call it screamoFavourite Movies: social network because its just funny and awsome all aroundInterest: Live tech work for theater, world of warcraft, being with my friends and girlfriend :)Pets: 2 dogsAdditional comments:I only know a tiny bit of scripting and some advanced html... looking to expand and really get started so expect to see alot of questions from me haha but I can't wait to learn alot from you people and having fun doing so.. I'm easy to get along with and I am very open minded and don't worry about hurting my feelings because with saying what I code is bad or wrong because I am here to learn and get help and maybe one day help other people too! Can't wait to meet you guys! would love to get to know you guys so go ahead and feel free to message me!
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