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    scroll text

    Hi chocolate570, this works great. Thanks for helping.
  2. is it really difficult? Please please help.
  3. pnwynn

    scroll text

    yes, Let say I have a long paragraph but I just want to display a couple of line and let it scroll up slowly until it reach to the end of paragraph. this way I don't need to use too much space in a web page and just display a small window. So, do you get it? If you do your help is appreciated. Thanks for respond.
  4. no one be able to write this script?
  5. pnwynn

    scroll text

    Can some on show me how to write html to make a text to scroll up in the table?help
  6. can some one help me write java script to call xml file? for examplexml file name ads.xml <channel> <item> <title>coffee maker</title> <description>10 cup coffee maker for only $9.99</description> <link>Htpp://www.mystorewalmart.com</link> </item>...</channel>please help
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