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  1. That sounds like it should work. I should have thought of that. I am on a public computer right now, so I cannot test it but I will try it out this afternoon.axel
  2. Hey guys. I'm having a problem with my site. If you look on the left/right you can see the thin blue bar (the vertical one, enclosing the main content) only go down as far as the "Hello"'s go. I want it to go down the whole page though. The left and right bars and the content are in a div called page that goes down as far as I want, so shouldn't the leftbar and rightbar fill the full 100% height of the page div if I set height to 100%?Here is the link:http://www.macintoshclub.com/developerlink/template.htmlplease help,axel
  3. Making the height 150% doesn't work. It goes down to far. This is a really imprecise way of doing it because I am going to be having different amounts of content in my page so I won't always know the exact percentage I need. thanksaxel
  4. Yeah that works. I should have seen that.thanks a bunch,axel
  5. Ok, I've been working on this a bunch since obviously no one feels like answering my original question. I'm getting somewhere but I would still appreciate some help! Here is my page:http://www.macintoshclub.com/developerlink/test.htmlI need the bar on the left to go ALL the way down. As you can see, it is going down the length of the window, but it is not hitting the bottom of the page. Scroll down and you will see what I mean!please help,axel
  6. Hey guys. I've got a small problem. I need to have a footer on my page. Check out the page here:http://www.macintoshclub.com/developerlink/test.htmlThe footer at the bottom works, but it is not proper css (w3 validator doesn't like it). Does anyone know how I can get this same effect, but have a successful validation?thanks a bunch,axel
  7. You can put any HTML between the <html> tags (but better in the body tag). The html for the frames should go in the files frame_b.htm and frame_c.htm. Here is a normal document make up:<!doctype ...><html><head><title></title></head><body></body></html>Your HTML should go in the body section.axel
  8. Hey guys. I'm working on a new website and I'm designing it with div's and css. I am trying to have an info bar running down the left side of the screen. This bar will contain member information, but I want it to continue to the bottom of the page even if I don't have that much text in it. Here is a link to my website. It is the bar on the left that says something like "This will have information about the member/guest!!!". I have tried setting the height to 100% and some other things but none of that works. I considered using js to find the height of the screen and then set the link b
  9. Hello. I'm not sure if this is what you want but you can just put "transparent" for the color in css (e.g. background-color:transparent;).axel
  10. could you give a link to the page so I can test it. I have some ideas to what the problem is but I really can't do a thing without looking at an example/code.merry x-mas,axel
  11. Another way to center the div is to position it using absolute. You'll need some javascript too. With js find the width and height of the window (or possibly the parent element if this is supposed to be nested). Then divide both of those by two. Now you have the center point. You'll need to subtract half of the div's width and height then and then use js to set the div position to that.axel
  12. applenerd


    I agree with all of the previous posts. I have made a forum already, and I am going to make a new forum for my new site. It is really important that you know mySQL, because you will use that to save any of the posts. Also, you should know PHP (or perl). I'll be making my new one in PHP. I'll give you some of the planning that I have come up with for my new forums.The files:forum.php --- this page will display all of the forum topics. For me it will have an id in the url for which forum.topic.php --- this page will display all of the posts for one topicnewtopic.php --- this page will let
  13. The border technique mentioned above works great, but there are two other ways. The other easy way is to use a fieldset. Here is an example:<fieldset><legend>Notes:</legend>Here are some notes</fieldset>This makes a box around "here are some notes", but it also has a legend. The legend puts the text "notes" in the upper left of the box (here is a crude example: ----Notes:--------------------). The best way to do a box would be to set up a table (or divs with divs inside it), and then in the corners you could put a rounded edge (this would have to be an image). You c
  14. I'm using postioning for my new website. Just postion <div> elements. It is working really well, and I have complete control over what my users will see. axel
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